Virgin Mobile Job Application

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Virgin Mobile is a division of Sprint Nextel. The company is active in sales mobile services and devices. It is now operating dedicated stores at many locations. Hence, it has lots of job opportunities to offer to young and energetic candidates.

The company has been hiring new associates in sales, customer support and marketing positions. To find a job with any store run by the company, an individual requires contacting the respective store. You will have to fill out a job form and face an interview by the human resource executive. If you will be selected, the store will call you to join within few days. Though, not an online application available, the candidates can find a store online. Hang about the to locate a store online.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Virgin Mobile:- The stores run by the company remain open all time

Age Eligibility @ Virgin Mobile:- 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Virgin Mobile:– Customer service representative, Store manager, Technical support associate, Assistant manager, Sales associate, general store manager, Cashier, Visual merchandiser

History:- Virgin Mobile operated as an independent company until 2009. In 2009, it was purchased by Sprint Nextel. Now, the company operates as a business division of it. The Sprint is publically traded company listed in New York Stock Exchange trading under the moniker S. More than 50,000 workers serve the company. The annual revenue generated by the parent company is about $30 billion.

Additional Services:- The Company is a retailer of mobile services and mobile devices. It is also selling mobile broadband devices and internet services.

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Presence:- The Company owned stores can be found in all states of the USA along with Puerto Rico. It operates overseas in India, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Australia, Poland, Columbia, South Africa and Chile.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There are many retail positions offered by the company. The individuals searching quick employment opportunities can join in sales and customer support. They can join as customer service representative or retail sales associate. Any individual at least 16 years of age can secure these jobs. Many high school students do these jobs part-time. If there is a store near your residence or school, you must try a job there. The job duties change according to the assigned designation. Retail sales associates persuade customers to purchase devices or cell phone plans. They also accomplish sales operations and billing.

Similar job is done by the customer service representatives. They receive calls from customers and satisfy their queries. The candidates may require going through some training before working in a customer support position.

Advantages of Working @ Virgin Mobile:

There are obvious advantages of working in a Virgin Mobile store. You could earn a fair income while you are just studying. The part-time associates are often paid wages depending upon the number of hours they serve in a week. At many locations, the workers benefit from tuition reimbursement programs. There are standard benefits for the full time associates like retirement plan benefits, bonuses, life insurance and accidental protection, healthcare facilities and paid leaves.
Virgin Mobile Application

Job Interview Questions at Virgin Mobile:

  • Will you introduce yourself?
  • Have you worked in a retail store before here?
  • How do you feel about selling mobile devices and services?
  • Whom do you see as sprint’s prime competitors?
  • How will you convince a customer to buy an internet modem?
  • Tell us about the latest mobile devices?
  • How long are you with us?
  • Why Virgin Mobile/Sprint Nextel?
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