Vitamin Shoppe Job Application

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Since Americans have become too much health conscious, they started spending a considerable portion of their income on health supplements. Vitamin Shoppe gained from the same trend and it’s a well known retail chain now. Its stores are small in size, but capable to provide every supplement one needs. There are regular recruitments for various jobs by these stores.

Lack of employment application from the retailer can be a subject of disappointment at first. But, there’s another way to apply at jobs offered by the company. Any candidate who seeks job at VS stores should contact a close-by store and inquire about available openings. He/she must leave a resume so that could be contacted when there a suitable job. The online store locator at will be really helpful to find a store in your state.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Vitamin Shoppe: – Monday-Saturday: 9:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 11:00AM-6:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Vitamin Shoppe: – 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Vitamin Shoppe: – Marketing manager, Sales associate, Maintenance technician, Truck driver, Store manager

History: – Vitamin Shoppe had its first store in 1977 in New York City. The company established its corporate headquarter at North Bergen, New Jersey. Its distribution centre is at the same location from where stocks are distributed to more than 400 locations. The number of health products offered by this chain has now increased to more than 19,000. There are more than 2500 employees who work at these stores or in distribution.

Additional Services: – Vitamin Shoppe provides all sorts of health supplements and vitamins. They also sell homeopathic medicines and herbs. Many meal replacements, healthcare products, health drinks are offered by the stores. They have recently started keeping pet foods too.

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Presence: – It is not difficult to spot a VS store in any urban area of the country. The stores are more than 400 in number. They are in 37 U.S. states. There is an online store locator on Vitamin Shoppe website where you can search a location by ZIP code.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There‘s no scarcity of entry-level jobs at the stores. If one qualifies the age bar, he/she can easily assume sale associate job or job of a key holder, stock assistant, cashier or driver. If you have a driving license, you can be hired as a truck driver, a job in which you will have to carry items from distribution centre to the store locations. Most convenient in-store job is of sales assistant. They have to sell products and convey product info to customers. These assistants are no less than any health advisor as they are taught about various health products and their medical benefits. They have to relay same information to customers and aid selecting right product.

The candidates who have already completed a high school graduation and worked at the store for some time can apply for store manager job. In this position, they have to train associates, feed them guidance and take over finance related matters. They are more or less responsible to run the stall in profit.

Advantages of Working @ Vitamin Shoppe:

Key holder, sales associate, stock associate and cashier are some of the jobs that can be done part time at these stores. All such workers are offered high wages and they may be allowed to get the flexibility in their job routine provided they are pursuing some education or have other liabilities to complete. Store managers and corporate employees are full-time workers. They enjoy pension plan, monthly bonuses, medical insurance, health facilities, term insurance and paid holidays.

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Vitamin Shoppe Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Vitamin Shoppe:

  • Give your introduction?
  • How much you know about health products?
  • Do you need training?
  • Are you a good sales person?
  • How will you sell this protein pack to me?
  • Are you a good learner?
  • What wages do you expect?
  • What is your career plan?