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Vons is a grand supermarket store based in Southern California. The brand is a subsidiary of Safeway Inc. The brand operates two different stores under the title Vons and Pavilions. A large percentage of grocery supermarkets facilitates with special services for deli products, bakery, ice cream, milk, floral, baked goods and dry-cleaning as well.

The Vons Companies Inc., functions in the market as Vons Grocery Company. The motto of it is to operate separate grocery stores which provide gifts, pharmacy and house products within the US and Canada as well. The company was earlier been popular as HMI Holdings, Inc., but later changed its name in July, 1987.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Vons: You can visit the store everyday between 06:00AM – 12:00AM.

Age Eligibility @ Vons: You can commence your career with Vons only after completing 18 years or above.

Career Opportunities @ Vons: Cashier, Meat Clerk, Cake Decorator, Produce Clerk, Delivery Driver, Stocker, Service Desk Shift Supervisor, Assistant Store Manager, Frozen Clerk, Checker, Pharmacy Help Desk Specialist, Courtesy Clerk, Bakery Clerk, Store Manager, Seafood Wrapper, Pharmacy Technician, Deli Clerk, Food Clerk, Dairy Clerk, Meat Cutter and Doughnut Fryer.

History: Vons grocery supermarket was opened by Charles Von der Ahe. The store was launched on 20 foot surface in 1906 in downtown Los Angeles, California and named as Von’s Groceteria. A tremendous growth rate was recorded in 1982 when the store turned into 87 outlets. It happened when the company was sold to MacMarr Stores.

Presence: Most of the brand’s centres are situated inside the United States, without international expansion. The headquarter of Vons is settled in Arcadia, CA. Along with over 1,700 outlets, the company has entered in Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Illinois, California, Texas and Alaska.

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Additional Services: Vons Company had worked with three different slogans till date. These includes: 1) Vons is Value, 2) Delivering Our Best and 3) Ingredients for life. The third slogan is still associated with the brand. Moving on, the grocery store facilitates its customers with plenty of bank services, professional pharmacies, customer service centres, one-hour photo centres and dry cleaners. The company also takes pleasure in providing quality products which includes more than 1,200 private labels.

Financial Stature: Vons is a subsidiary of Safeway. This brand operates 500 outlets of different brands. The annual revenue of Safeway was generated around $1.5 billion from past several years. By the end of 2009, Safeway kept 41% of the stores under company guidelines while sold the remaining ones.   

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration:

The branded Vons grocery store require ample of qualified and skilled employees to undertake several staff positions. Trained employee strength is the most effective tool for the growth and expansion of every business. To get hired in this grocery store, you should hold strong command over communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. Employment here will provide you wide range of training skills as well as huge career opportunities.

Cashier- As a cashier your moral duties are to greet customers each time they visit the store, attend phone calls, politely deal with them, receive money, fill out charge forms and make change, etc. Appearing for cashier job do not require any work experience neither any specific training.

The company appoint those applicants who possess strong mathematics skills, neatly dressed and fine manual agility. Job seekers at Vons earn a starting salary falling in between $9 to $11 per hour.

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Meat Cutter- Meat Cutters, also known as butchers is entry level positions in every industry. Meat cutter is an important post in the grocery industry. Job responsibilities of these workers are to make sure that stocks are filled with fresh, premium-quality and branded meat products.

Meat cutters stock, grinds, cut, price and pleasantly wrap meat products. He/she also need to make calls and arrange or more orders.

Store Manager- A Store Manager is vastly in charge of running store operations, in order to achieve the targets and goals. Maximising company’s profit is the chief objective of managers. These professionals maintain the company standards and deals with staff & customers.

At some point of time, store managers might also have to go in talks with logistics, customer service, marketing, human resources and IT departments in relation with hiring and expanding store structure.

Advantages of working @ Vons:

As one of the leaders in grocery industry, Vons chief concern is to encourage the comfort of all employees. Further, the company regularly arranges for refreshment programs and team building activities. Each time a worker is appointed, he/she is cherished with loads of employment benefits schemes. These facilities start with providing breathtaking salary packages long with overtime perks.

More advantages includes 100% company-paid retirement plans, employee assistance programs, 401(k) retirement plans, life insurance, tuition reimbursement, meal discounts, paid time off and flexible job timings, etc. These benefits and more can be studied in detail after visiting online job application form.
Vons Job Application

Job Interview Questions for Vons:-

Some valuable interview questions.

  • What makes you quite your previous job?
  • Which part of grocery industry you like the most?
  • How will you define customer satisfaction?
  • How will you encourage customers about store’s products and schemes?
  • What activities you would follow to increase the sales of Vons?
  • How will you justify your job responsibilities at Vons grocery store?
  • Differentiate Vons with other grocery stores?
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