V’s Barbershop Job Application

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The V’s Barbershop and Shoeshine plants new standards – let it be from the head and neck massage, and the real old barber chairs to shaves using a straight razor and hot lather. The company serves a comforting and nostalgic environment, as and when a customer visits the shop with eagerness, and leaves with satisfaction and confidence. The men’s grooming standard that is of old fashion is upheld here, and each day proves to be an occasion special in itself at the V’s Barbershop.

Organization Details

Working Hours V’s Barbershop  – The timings of this barbershop vary depending on the location of its presence.

Age Eligibility – The applicant must be at least eighteen years old for serving at any position.

Career Opportunities V’s Barbershop  

There are some vacancies available for desiring and suitable candidates, but it depends on the location. Some available positions are listed below:

  • Barber
  • Assistant Barber Shop Manager
  • Shampooer
  • Receptionist
  • General Barber Shop Manager
  • Hair Stylist
  • Stylist


The shop was founded by Jim Valenzuela, in November, 1999.


The barber shop at present maintains about fifteen locations in six states.

Additional Services

Facials, shoulder massages, hot-lather neck-shaves, haircuts, straight-razor shaves, as also shoe shines are always provided by the company. Also in the list are V’s Memorabilia Collection, Caps, Men’s T-shirts, Kent Brand Combs, Lucia Bay, Jack Black, American Crew, The Art of Shaving, V’s Italian Clay Mask, V’s Shave Gel, and V’s Gift Cards. To top it all, the barbershop even presents complimentary cigars for the members of the bridal party.

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Job Descriptions & Remuneration

V’s Barbershop job Application

Stylist – The Stylist is required to be licensed and should have the skill to convert visitors into clients. This further takes this career to a developed level. Apart from styling the customers, the stylist is also responsible for the sale of the add-on services. He even helps by salon merchandising, proper scheduling of appointments, and promptly answering the phone calls

Barber – Anyone applying for being a barber needs to possess an active barber license so that he may be considered for the position. There must be a passion as far as barbering is concerned, followed by comfortable living and carrying a personality that is liked by everybody around.

General Barber Shop Manager – The General Barber Shop Manager meets as well as greets the customers entering the salon. He rapidly answers phone calls related to needs and services provided at the salon. The services transactions at the salon are completed by this individual while also managing the sale of the various cosmetic products that are kept at the salon. Apart from these, the additional services as and when needed, are provided by this worker.

Advantages of working @V’s Barbershop  

The V’s Barbershop & Shoeshine has many packages of work benefits for its qualified employees. These include life insurance, a 401 (k) retirement plan, health insurance, as well as sick leaves (paid), long term and short term disability, vacation, along with attractive pay rates. Apart from all these, advancement opportunities, flexible scheduling, and paid training too, is provided to V’s associates.

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Job Interview Questions@V’s Barbershop  

  • Please elaborate your experience regarding this field of cutting hair.
  • What attracted you to choose a career like this?
  • Can you produce a cosmetology license?
  • Which look or style happens to be your favourite?
  • How will you handle conflicts arising due to the last minute changes in scheduling?
  • What is it that impresses you the most about this industry?
  • How can you handle a situation where in the client is upset with the performance or services?
  • Do you possess any additional skills apart from the ones that are required here?
  • How much time can you give to this profession if appointed as a full-time worker?
  • Do you mind serving sick people who may be stranded at home or hospitals?
  • What is the motivating factor that guiding you for betterment everyday?
  • Where do you want to be placed, say three years hence, by serving here?