Waitress Resume Skills

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Perhaps the most crucial components regarding your search for a job as a waitress is you resume.  The marketing of your qualifications to a probable employee is materialized by the skills section of the resume. It is this ‘script’ that markets the qualifications that you possess, to the referring individual. This is by making them know about the qualifications and skills that have been acquired by you over the years. That is why this section, which consists of these two vital elements of the resume, should be scribbled carefully and accurately.

We hereby present an example related to the skills and qualifications part of a resume for the post of a waitress. You can refer to this example and use them in your own words to complete your resume to perfection.

Waitress Skills and Qualifications

  • Demonstrated ability in presenting menus, making recommendations, answering queries related to food, beverages, and other items for serving, and greet patrons.
  • Fully skilled when it comes to taking orders, serving, and relating to the bar and kitchen staff.
  • Thorough knowledge while preparation and service of specialty eatables at the tables of patrons.
  • Hands-on experience when placing decorations, beautifying place, and setting the tables, has to be done
  • Brilliantly skilled and filled with knowledge regarding maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness standards are obeyed
  • Possession of vast knowledge regarding the products for sale, which refers to all the different types of beverages and foods. 
  • Established ability of communicating with the staff at the kitchen, serving the orders to the customers, collecting the funds, and also maintaining the accountability towards orders as well as funds in a proper way.
  • Significant knowledge while accepting payments by credit card and work on sale registers so as to correctly secure funds and payment control.
  • Extraordinarily brilliant written and verbal skills of communication
  • Fully dedicated as well as meticulous. High level of attention and accurateness towards the detail
  • Bilingual: Fluent in the three languages of English, Spanish, and French
  • Practical knowledge and highly skilled in MS Excel, Word, and the Internet.
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