Waterford Crystal Job Application

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Waterford Crystal, a manufacturer and retailer of crystal ware and other glassware can be your prospective employer. The retail chain has jobs to offer you in United States, Canada and Europe. If you are the lucky one to have a Waterford store near your place, then don’t waste time wandering to other retailers for job.

The employment opportunities available at Waterford stores can be accessed online. You need visiting wwrd.com and select your country. The quick link will take you to the country-specific website, where you just need tapping ‘career opportunities’. See if there’s an opening of your interest and apply at it online. Other way round is to locate a store on the website and approach a nearby location in-person. Though, approaching this way may end in formal submission of resume, if there’s no vacancy currently opened. But this will confirm you as a candidate for any job vacancy at the respective store in near future.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Waterford Crystal: – Monday-Saturday: 9:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 12:00PM-6:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Waterford Crystal: – 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Waterford Crystal: – Merchandise handler, Assistant manager, Key holder, Store manager, sales associate, Designer, Stock associate

History: – Waterford Crystal was founded by William Penrose and George Penrose in year 1783 (The company exits for more than two centuries). It has been manufacturing, retailing and shipping glassware. The retail chain is operated by Waterford Holdings Inc. Listed in Irish Stock Exchange, the company maintains its corporate headquarter in Wall of New Jersey.

Additional Services: – Waterford Crystal is a manufacturer of a variety of crystal ware including dinnerware, cutlery, collectibles, home decor items, chandeliers and lamps and office collectibles. It markets its products in its own stores. A number of products are also offered as gift packs.

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Presence: – Originally founded in Ireland, Waterford crystal has now stores running in Canada, United States and throughout Europe. In United States, the stores are in Oklahoma, Delaware, California, Nevada, Texas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, Connecticut, Florida, New Hampshire and Georgia. In Canada, the stores are in Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick. In Europe, Waterford Stores can be found in United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland and Malta.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The most creative job at Waterford is of designers. But the job is only for those who hold the qualification and reputation in the field. The in-store jobs offered by the company are of sales associates, receivers, delivery drivers and stock room assistants. Each of these jobs has different sets of duties. For example, receivers collect stock items; enter them in records and stock merchandise. The stock items are distributed and delivered by delivery drivers, who supply items from distribution centres to store locations. Stock room assistants take further control of merchandise and arrange it in the store so it could be easily accessed when required for sale. Sales assistants as obvious sell items and communicate face-to-face with clients/customers.

Advantages of Working @ Waterford Crystal:

The company has a glorious history dating two centuries back. The workers get a number of benefits and advantages depending upon their job positions. Generally, most of the entry-level associates are part-timers, who work for few hours a day in pre-set schedules and offered hourly pays. The candidates serving at management or corporate positions work for salary that incorporates numerous non-monetary perks as well. The worth mentioning among them are pension fund, life insurance and medical cover.
Waterford Crystal Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Waterford Crystal:

  • Why Waterford Crystal?
  • What other retail jobs you have done before?
  • Why should we appoint you when you don’t have experience?
  • What products our company sell?
  • How will you sell a dinnerware?
  • What mindset of customers do you assume when they enter a store like Waterford?
  • What working hours will you prefer?
  • If we call you on weekends, will you come?