West Marine Job Application

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West Marine has evolved as the ultimate boating supplies retailer. In the niche area company deals, it operates hundred of stores supplying all sorts of boating equipments, costumes and gadgets. The stores get more crowed in winters than any other season. It is the time when numerous seasonal jobs are offered by the retailer while its permanent stores hire candidates all year.

West Marine could be starter of your career or just another employer. The many retail jobs offered by these stores can be applied by job seekers online. Westmarine.com, the corporate website of the company details available jobs and is ready to accept resumes online. Search if there’s a vacancy now and apply immediately. Even if there’s not a job offer right now, there will be many close to winters. So, just don’t lose hope. West Marine can be your first or another employer.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ West Marine: – Between 10:00AM and 5:00PM daily

Age Eligibility @ West Marine: – 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ West Marine: – Operations manager, Sales associate, Key holder, Inventory manager, Delivery drivers

History: – In 1968, Randy Repass laid the foundation of West Marine. The retailer flourished its business with a mission to provide all sorts of boating supplies. After 10 years of its foundation, it started opening its own retail stores. Now more than 300 retail stores run under the chain. Many of the stores are seasonal and operate during winters.

Additional Services: – All type of boating supplies from outwears and shoes of men and women to tools, boating equipments and hardware are sold by the stores. A number of related electronic gadgets like navigation devices, communication devices, fish finders, boating instruments and audio entertainment devices are too sold by the stores.

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Presence: – More than 300 stores of West Marine are operational in 38 states of USA. There are many stores in Canada and some franchised stores in Turkey.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

A little interest in boating and sailing can let you want a job at these stores. They are always looking for the sales persons, who have interest in water sports and willing to learn about boating supplies. The associates are trained about various boating equipments and useful electronic gadgets that equally garner one’s sportive interests. You will enjoy the job and will want to keep on in it for long. There are more jobs at various inventory positions like key holder, merchandise handler and truck drivers. Apart from them, many seasonal jobs are offered at temporary locations.

Advantages of Working @ West Marine:

The seasonal employees get good wages and receive various incentives depending upon their performance. The stores that operate all year feature both part-time and full-time jobs. One is benefited by competitive pay scale and flexible scheduling in part-time positions, whereas a set of job benefits is accessed by full-time workers. Typical job perks worth counting are paid leaves, health facilities, life insurance and other insurance schemes, pension and paid overtime.
West Marine Job Application

Job Interview Questions at West Marine:

  • Do you have interest in any water sports?
  • What do you know about boating supplies?
  • Do you know operating navigation and communication devices?
  • What should be the cost of that outwear?
  • How can you sell more products to a customer?
  • Is working full-time possible for you?
  • Is working on weekends possible for you?
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