Wild Bird Centers Job Application

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Favourite among bird watchers, Wild Bird Centres is operating bird stores at hundreds of locations. Most of the stores located in the eastern United States and Canada offer job opportunities in sales and administration.

Anyone willing to apply at these stores for a job needs contacting a store in-person. The absence of online employment form, thus, forces to do some travelling. Submit your resume to the store manager of a particular location. Wait for the reply. The store manager will call for an interview that will finally determine your appointment. Use the online store locator on wildbird.com to locate a store exactly. A store can be located by selecting a state or entering ZIP code in the search form.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Wild Bird Centers:- Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-6:00PM; Sunday: 1:00PM-5:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Wild Bird Centers:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Wild Bird Centers:– Customer service representative, Assistant manager, Store associate, Business development manager, Administrative assistant, Store manager, Assistant manager

History:- Wild Bird Centre was founded in the year 1985 with a single store in the District of Columbia. These stores remain confined to selling birds and birds related products. With a specialization in birding, they are selling a wide selection of products from bird foods to books about wild birds. It has expanded the number of stores by franchising the operations.

Additional Services:- Customers can shop a wide range of birds from these stores. They can also buy birds online through the e-store of the company. Besides birds, they can shop food packets, vaccinations, and books as well.

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Presence:- There are around 100 wild bird centres in United States. These stores can be located in around 30 U.S. States. Most of these stores are in eastern states of the country.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Several retail positions are offered by these stores. The candidates can apply for jobs like sales representative, bird specialists and store manager. The applicants should be 18 years or above in age and must have some minimum educational qualification usually a high school graduation. The sales representatives are expected to develop some knowledge of birds by learning. They are given guidance and study material for the same purpose. A good knowledge of birds may help in convincing customers to buy. Though, birds do not require much care, and it can be done by sales representatives also, many stores prefer to appoint birds specialists. They look after birds of the store and assist customers by educating them.

Each store requires hiring a store manager and an assistant manager. They manage accounts, hire workers, provide guidance and instructions, set schedules, assign work and report financial status to the corporate office. The distributions and supply chain are also monitored by them. Assistant managers perform similar duties but override some of the additional duties in the presence of store manager.

Advantages of Working @ Wild Bird Centers:

All the employees get competitive wages from the stores. Their pay is equivalent to pay in other retail industries. Many employees are relaxed by flexible schedules and may also be awarded tuition reimbursements. The professional workers appointed full-time in sales, marketing, distribution or corporate jobs are benefitted by inclusion of 401(k), life insurance plan, other insurance policies, investment options and healthcare facilities in the salary package. There are also franchise options that can be availed by any individual ready to make required investments.
Wild Bird Centers Application
Search a store online. Then, submit application in-person.

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Job Interview Questions at Wild Bird Centers:

  • Why Wild Bird Centers?
  • How much do you know about birds species?
  • What care must be taken for birds?
  • Which accounting software have you learned?
  • In your opinion, why people do buy birds?
  • How will you shift a bird from one cage to another with care?
  • Tell us about your prior customer service experience?