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Wilsons Leather is one of the leading retailers which deals in outwear and high quality accessories (i.e. briefcases, handbags and travel products). The company offers style and luxury products at exceptional prices for the fashion lovers. The company also has an e-commerce website that provides the knowledge of its stores’ locations and buying experiences. People living in remote areas can also purchase online.

Aspirants, who are interested in making career with retail industry; Wilsons Leather is a good option for them. Both part-full time job seekers can apply in this company. To apply for a position, there is no other way except the internet. To apply, you need to fill an online application form, which is available on the company website. First, you need to click ‘careers’ and select the desired profile, which you want to work at. Fill-up the application form and submit it. You will be called for an interview, if shortlisted.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Wilsons Leather: Monday to Saturday: 10:00am-09:30pm and on Sundays: 11:00am-07:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ Wilsons Leather: Aspirants must be 16 years old or above.

Career Opportunities @ Wilsons Leather: The company hires the candidates for the following designations: Sales associate, associate-customer service, cashier, supervisor, training manager, assistant manager, store manager, DC technician, Sales-district manager, merchandise handler, team leader, merchandise processor, associate-human resources, merchandiser, marketer, sourcing associate, technician-help desk, expense payables-technician, merchandising specialist, coordinator-visual merchandising, specialist-store operations, specialist-store communications.

History: Wilsons Leather began as two separate leather manufacture retailers. One was Bermans Leather, which was founded in the year 1899 and famous for its jackets and buckskin shirts. The other was Wilsons House of Suede, which was founded in 1940 and famous for its leather apparel and affordable suede. In the year 1988, these two retailers were merged under the name ‘Wilsons Leather’. In 1996, the company filed IPO to raise 42 million dollars and went public in 1997. The company launched its online store in 1999. But later in 2002, the company faced huge loss, which forced them to close 135 stores. Slowly and gradually, Wilsons Leather worked on its weaknesses and became the leading retailer of leather.

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Presence: Wilsons Leather is the right place to buy leather apparel and accessories. This retailer operates its functions from 120 retail outlets across the United States.

Additional Services: The company has wide range of different products. These products include gloves, hats, wallets, watches, scarves, handbags, belts, etc. The company also gives you the facility to buy its products online.

Community Initiatives: The company donates 3.5 percent of its each sale to different schools and charity institutes.

Jobs Description & Remuneration

Wilsons Leather provides various job opportunities for ambitious, smart, self motivated, fun and hard working individuals. Whether, you are a fresh starter or experienced, Wilsons Leather gives equal opportunities and importance to both.

Currently, the company is hiring for the following positions –

Associates: Wilsons Leather welcomes candidates, who are capable of meeting company’s expectations while working at the position. Generally, associates at Wilsons Leather are required to perform the job duties like maintaining strong clients focus, providing quality client service, providing positive clients experience by keeping the environment clean, maintaining registers, handling company cash policies, etc. To work at this position, you must have at least six months’ experience of customer handling, high school diploma or any equivalent qualification and good verbal and interpersonal skills for better customer relations and effective sales. For this position, starters will not be considered. Experienced candidates get a good hike on the last drawn salary.

Managers in Training: At Wilsons Leather, managers in training (MT) have proved themselves as successful associates and look forward. The company wants the same confidence from every new hiring. The duties that MTs needs to perform, are: motivating the store members, meeting targets, providing the knowledge of customer service and other functions for improvements in work force, so that they serve the customers efficiently. To work at this designation, you should have 1 year of experience, essential qualification, excellent communication skills, ability to manage duties of others and ability to work in a rapid paced environment. Experienced candidates definitely get a hike on the last salary.

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Advantages of Working @ Wilsons Leather

Apart from a great pay, Wilsons Leather provides extensive benefits and perks to all its employees. The qualified employees enjoy the benefits like insurance (medical, health, dental and wealth), personal leaves, paid vacations, wide discount on each company’s product, flexible work timings and casual attire. The company believes that these benefits help them to form strong relation between them.

Job Interview Questions for Wilsons Leather

Below are some interview questions which can be prepare to crack the interview.

  1. Why Wilsons Leather, why not any other company?
  2. What one unique quality you posses, which you think others don’t have?
  3. How will you balance your personal and work life together?
  4. Are you confident to stand continuously at one place for nice hours?
  5. Who is your role model and why?
  6. Where you will see yourself after five years from now?

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