WINGS Job Application

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WINGS stores can be found on American beaches. The stores retail beach wears and accessories. These retail stores are only 30 in number but the job opportunities offered by them are never limited. Candidates can join the stores as sales assistant or cashier. They can also find job in distribution or in the corporate office.

The job application process at WINGS is simple and straight-forward. The job seekers will have to fill up an online employment form on the corporate website of WINGS – and submit the form for application. They can confirm the status of their application by contacting the respective store. Generally, the applicants are acknowledged by the company within few days from their application. It is not much difficult to get a job at these stores. For all the entry-level jobs, you should be only 18 years old or above.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ WINGS: – Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 11:00AM-8:00PM

Age Eligibility @ WINGS: – 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ WINGS: – Stock room associates, Sales assistants, Key holder, Merchandise handlers, Cashier, Inventory specialist, Store manager

History: – WINGS is a subsidiary of L and L Wings LLC. The parent company was founded by Meir Levy and Shaul Levy. Its first retail store was located in 1978. The company has been dealing in beach apparels of both men and women and is successful so far in expanding the retail chain to 30 locations.

Additional Services: – These stores are retailer of beachwear and other accessories. They stock apparels for all-men, women and kids. They also sell bags, chairs, sports items, beach toys, goggles, swim fins, towels, body boards, inflatable, umbrellas and skim boards.

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Presence: – There are 30 retail stores in this chain. These stores are located in six U.S. states – California, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Florida, Texas and North Carolina.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There might be one of these outlets near your residence. The entry-level jobs offered by these stores include sales associate, stock assistants and cashier. The sales associates are assigned duties like welcoming customers, responding to their questions, showing them products, bargaining and billing. The sales persons are more frequently hired comparing to other workers. Stock associates perform stocking, control inventory and record sales. The stores may require merchandise handlers, who check stock items, record them in inventory and assist managers for promoting sales. For these jobs, only requirement is to satisfy the age bar.

The stores also hire management trainees and employ them in store management. The managers require supervising operations and achieving sales targets. They provide instructions to staff and report operations to corporate office.

Advantages of Working @ WINGS:

There are several advantages and perks offered by the store. The entry-level associates avail high wages, receive bonuses, get extra pay for working on weekends and festivals and work in flexible schedules. The professional workers hired on corporate or management positions are paid handsome salaries and offered numerous perks like 401(k) retirement plan, medical and insurance benefits, medical reimbursements and annual salary appraisals.

WINGS Job Application

Fill up the online employment application form and submit it now.

Job Interview Questions at WINGS:

  • Please tell us about yourself?
  • Why WINGS?
  • Do you know anything about beachwear?
  • What beachwear suit to old women?
  • Are you willing to join part-time or full-time?
  • What are your expectations from this job?
  • What hours of day will you be available?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How long will you work in the store?
  • Is this your first job?
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