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Winn Dixie offers its customers top quality and great flavour fresh meat and seafood. The brand is effectively and dedicatedly helping the people and therefore known as “The Beef People”. The brand within a decade period of time doubled its store outlets from 500 to 1,000. As the saying “Success cannot be achieved without failure”. Winn Dixie has to pass through tough financial crises in 2005. But the company over come with this situation in 2006 like a fighter.

As general information, Winn Dixie is not the sole operator; it is managed and operated by BI-LO Holdings LLC. As a leading grocery store in United States, the brand has provided employment to more than 63,000 humans on all designations.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Winn Dixie: Winn Dixie works every day from 07:00AM – 12:00AM.

Age Eligibility @ Winn Dixie: 16 years is the minimum age set by Winn Dixie to apply for the job.

Career Opportunities @ Winn Dixie: Assistant Store Manager, Bagger, Pharmacy Technician, Shift Leader, Truck Driver, Cashier, Organizational Communications Specialist, Bakery Clerk, Maintenance Worker, Produce Clerk, Store Manager, Customer Service Representative, Human Resources Coordinator, Warehouse Product Selector, Floater Pharmacist, Stock Clerk, Pharmacist, Pricing Manager, Meat Clerk, Marketing Purchasing Associate and Store Manager.

History: Winn Dixie, a grocery store was started in 1914. The idea was executed by William Milton Davis and his four sons named: Milton Austin Davis, Artemus Darius Davis, Tine Wayne Davis and James Elsworth Davis. The store was launched in Burley.

Recently, in 2010, Winn Dixie Stores Inc., got 24th position as per a survey done by “Top 75 North American Food Retailers”. That year the brand generated total revenue of $7.3 billion.

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Presence: Winn Dixie, in terms of business increment targeting new markets at both national and international level. The states making big contributing in business are Florida, Alabama etc. The company has approved some of the most prominent future projects, which will get started in new locations very soon.

Additional Services: You will be surprised to know about other functions performed by the organization. It includes pharmacy, flower shop, meat, deli, bakery, frozen food and seafood, etc. Services offered by the brand include a large variety, such as Valu Time, Winn & Lovet and Winn-Dixie, etc. The main aim of Winn Dixie is to supply a majority of household and daily use products at one stop shop.

Community Initiatives: After performing several years of business operations into the markets, this brand has never forgotten the communities under which it functions. Two years back in 2010, Winn Dixie had donated more than $100,000 to help warriors got injured during Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The organization has regularly supports several youth oriented campaigns, scholarships at school and college level and rehabilitation programs.

Environmental Initiatives: Winn Dixie is working to improve the atmospheric conditions as well too. The brand has adopted eco-friendly, food health, energy saving, environmental impact sustainability and recycled techniques. It also supports specific environment initiative programs encouraging general public. The list here includes a lot more. Furthermore, it also has increased the use of organic as well as natural materials.

Financial Stature: Financial position of the company has never gone down. The number of chain stores (450 outlets) opened by the company cannot be counted on fingertips. Winn Dixie earns an average annual profit of around $7 billion and has a strong and efficient manpower. You can see the brand trading publicly on NASDAQ with the official symbol of WINN.

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Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration:

Hiring young and talented applicants is the right step for any company’s future expansion. Winn Dixie walks on the same path too. The company recruit full as well as part time associates depending upon the location and opening. When you click on the job application form, you can find quite a lot of job openings. The positions mentioned here, frequently require candidates for smooth business operations.

Cashier- Candidates appearing for the interview, it’s not difficult for them to guess the job duties of cashier. This position is liable to maintain all cash transactions, operate cash registers and help customers with their closing purchase. Cashier’s salary is based on per hour of working. It starts from $8 – $10/ hour.

Stock Associate- Associates in every sector needs to work in several areas. They perform their own tasks and assist other workers as well. Stock associates maintains the stock registers, check for the expiry dates, refill stocks regularly, help customers and stands at cash counters as well. Employees receive hourly wages for their duties. A minimum amount of $8 – $12 is what associates are eligible for.

Management- Management level involves high job responsibilities. Designations which are counted here are assistant store manager, store manager, shift supervisor and team leader, etc. Each position carries diverse role from others.

Management people many a times act as a bridge between junior level and board executives. Pay scale of these professionals ranges $25,000 – $65,000 annually.

Advantages of working @ Winn Dixie:

Employees when get appointed at Winn Dixie enjoys tremendous working advantages. As they serve hundreds of customers and provide pleasing services to them, so the company also cares for them. Apart from basic features, eligible employees are facilitated with some high level job benefit schemes.

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All employees here can the following advantages: Flexible work scheduling, disability insurance coverage, employee stock purchase plans, compensated job training, paid time off, life insurance plans, competitive pay, 401(k) retirement plans, and bonus programs. You will also be provided with store uniforms, name tags and business cards.

Winn Dixie Job Application

Job Interview Questions for Winn Dixie:

  • Brief about yourself.
  • What is the best possible time you can join the company?
  • How is Winn Dixie different from other grocery stores?
  • Can you work in rotational shifts?
  • Why do you want to quit your previous job?
  • How was your previous company different from Winn Dixie?
  • How will you adjust yourself in this fast – paced work environment?