Zumiez Job Application

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Clothing related to sportswear is specially sold by this store. This fashion store operates in many regions of the United States and offers apparels and gear for the surfer, motocross, snowboarder, and the skater too.   The stores are primarily designed in a theme stated as ‘organized chaos’, which is reliable with the lifestyle of teenagers. The stores have a supply of video games as well as couch such that the customers shop for long and also interact with associates and each other. The size of every store is close to 2,900sq.feet, and there is the presence of ‘skate shop’, changing rooms, a couch to rest on and watch television or play video games. This scheme however may be slightly modified, due to space restriction and lack of staffs.

Organization Details

Working Hours -Monday to Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sundays: 11:00am-6:00pm.

Age Eligibility -Sixteen year old candidates are eligible to apply for a job in this store.

Career Opportunities

Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Accounting Clerk, Web Developer, Footwear Buyer, Distribution Center Employee, Merchandise Handler, Key Holder, Seasonal Sales Person, Designer, Junior Designer, Merchandise Planner, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Sales Person.


In the year 1978, this store was founded by Tom Campion and Haakenson. The name of the store was originally –‘Above the Belt’ which was changed to ‘Zumiez’ soon after opening. In the year 2005, the company started trading publicly on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). ‘Fast Forward’ was the company bought by Zumiez in the year 2005.


The company manages more than 400 locations in the shopping malls across the U.S.

Additional Services

A chain comprising of specialty clothing is operated by this store in locations that are mall-based. The skater attire and lifestyle are embodied by this fashion store. The company also sells merchandise and apparel ranging from skate brands that are reputable, like Obey, Empyre, Enjoi, and Element. There are many other brands brand names such as Vans, Skull Candy, and Nike kept for sale at the store. Also offered are DVDs, footwear, and other fashion accessories like wallets, watches, and sunglasses. An excellent customer service is provided, and the company also offers goods of high quality brands.

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Community Initiatives

With an aim of giving back to the masses, the founder of this store, Tom Campion formed the ‘Zumiez Foundation’. This was for continuing to give back to the community. The store also donates stuff such as blankets, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, and jackets to the needy. Donation of items is also done to youth centers, religious organizations, traditional programs, and homeless shelters nearby Zumiez locations.

Environmental Initiatives

This is an environmentally conscious organization and also believes in the preservation of the Earth. The store continually strives in reducing emissions and wastes from the manufacturing areas. All federal, states, as well as local environmental mandates are upheld by the store. Numerous programs of recycling are participated in by the store.

Financial Stature

The company trades on the NYSE and uses the ticker symbol – ‘ZUMZ’. It gets close to $450 million every year as revenue. The headquarters of the chain is maintained Everett, WA. Also, it has thousands of employees working there.

Zumiez Job Application

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

The company is always looking for s at the entry level for staffing the stores all across the U.S. It must hire both full time as well as part time associates for in store career positions. The following job titles are needed to be filled in this retail store:

Sales Associate
Customers are assisted by the sales associate, who along with stocking products; preventing loss, ringing up transactions while maintaining cash registers, also look after cleanliness of the store. Besides, proper controls over the inventory are upheld by the associate. Inventory transactions are facilitated, and compliance standards are maintained by these associates. This position gets a salary between $7 and $10 per hour.

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Assistant Manager –
This individual is responsible for maintaining the results of personal sales, training and directing the team members, and provision of outstanding service to customers. Apart from opening and closing the store, the assistant manager also drives sales goals. Maintaining the inventory, executing audits in the store, and reconciliation of the register, are some other duties to be performed by the assistant manager. This worker gets to earn a salary between $10 and $12 per hour.

Apart from maintaining the inventory, the manager is responsible for hiring and training the new associates, supervising the store operations, and monitoring the sales. This officer also maximizes sales results, achieves satisfaction of the customer, creates work schedules, and also ensures that all associates strictly stick to company’s procedures and policies. Managers typically get a yearly salary between $36,000 and $53,000.

Advantages of working@Zumiez

There are many job benefits enjoyed by the employees at this store. These benefits include paid training, flexible scheduling, a positive environment at the work place, and a potential for career growth. Many other employment benefits may also be received by eligible associates:

Health Benefits@Zumiez

The health and happiness of its workers is of prime importance for the company. Affordable and comprehensive health coverage is offered to eligible associates. Medical, visual, and dental coverage plans are included herein. Long and short term disability benefits, as well as life insurance, may also be provided by this fashion company.

401 (k) Plan

As far as future planning is concerned, quality options are offered. The employees who are eligible may be provided with the 401(k) retirement schemes. There may also be plans for stock purchase, offered to qualified workers.

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The workers at this fashion store also enjoy added incentives, paid holidays, as well as sick leaves. In addition, they may take advantage of discount offered by the store with respect to experience gained and the job position held by the candidate.

Numerous added perks exist at Zumiez. Eligible associates also receive paid-holiday, sick leave and similar benefits. The workers may also enjoy reduced rates on in-store merchandise. Every week, contests that are performance based are offered by the store. Employees who are eligible and can achieve the best as far as the sales numbers are concerned in the end may get free trips and gift cards.

Job Interview Questions@Zumiez

  • How would you tackle any given problem and reach an appropriate decision?
  • How would you develop your potential for advancement and build up your career?
  • How do you gauge your weaknesses and strengths?
  • Do you possess any knowhow of the latest computer programs being offered?
  •  In the near future, where do you expect yourself to be?