Dollar Tree Job Application

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Dollar Tree is a standard employer in the retail sector. It has been providing numerous employment opportunities at both entry level positions and higher designations. At entry level, candidates are often hired as sales associate or cashier. There are also openings of the management positions. For such positions, candidates require satisfying additional qualification and may be expected to have work experience of the related field. Individuals can obtain part-time as well as full-time employment at these stores. They are given comprehensive training before confirmation of their employment and allowed to work in flexible schedules. These stores have a professional work environment that encourages to build a career in the same field.

The hiring process at Dollar Tree begins with a job application. A candidate can apply to an opening by filling an employment application at the company’s website. Applicants are called for interview at the location applied for job and hired if found eligible.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Dollar Tree: Monday-Saturday: 9:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 10:00AM-7:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Dollar Tree: 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Dollar Tree: Sales Associate, Stock Associate, Cashier, Customer Service Associate, Assistant Store Manager, District Manager, General Warehouse Associate, Associate Buyer, Store Manager Trainee, Corporate Intern, Logistics Analyst, Merchandise Planner, Maintenance Technician, Photographer, Distribution Center Associate, Billing Analyst, Strategy Analyst, Merchandise Control Specialist.

History: Dollar Tree is an American departmental store chain. It was established by Doug Perry in 1986. Its corporate headquarter is located in Chesapeake, Virginia. Dollar Tree Inc. is a public company listed on NASDAQ and trades under the stock symbol DLTR. It operates three brands – Dollar Bills, Dollar Tree, and Deal$. ‘Dollar Tree’ and ‘Dollar Bills’ offers products worth one dollar or below and ‘Deal$’ on the other hand sells costlier products.

Presence: This is a retail brand trusted by American people. The chain has presence at over 4,400 locations in 48 U.S. states. It also has some stores in Canada. The chain is still growing and is now seeking to mark its presence effectively overseas.

Additional Services: Dollar Tree is engaged in sales of a variety of products whether they belong to regional, national or private brands. It sells party supplies, cosmetics, housewares, grocery, crafts and decors, toys, glassware, canned food and even snacks. It also facilitates online shopping.

Community Initiatives: Dollar tree realizes its social responsibilities and have been contributing to the society and nation through various efforts. It has been funding Operation Homefront, which is a charitable project initiated to financially aid veterans and their dependents. It has been also donating to Virginia Foundation of Independent Colleges Brighter Future Scholarship program.

Environmental Initiatives: The company has always promoted an environment friendly work culture and has been also supporting organizations involved in protection and conservation of nature. It has significantly aided in a project educating children about wetland conservation and promoted cultivating wetland in classrooms.

Financial Stature: This is a large chain that employs more than 50,000 employees and operates more than 4000 stores and 10 distribution centers. Its annual revenue turns around $5 billion approximately and its operating income is greater than $500 million. The company is listed in NASDAQ and has been trading successfully for many years.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration

These stores are a place for energetic, self motivated and hard working individuals, who enjoy their work. Both part time and full time job seekers may get an opportunity to be a part of the workforce. An applicant should be at least 18 years of age and legally allowed to work in the United States to apply for any job position.

Following are the entry level positions available at these stores:

Cashier – The cashiers deal with the daily sales transactions of the stores. Their job duties include applying coupons, processing payments, scanning items and maintaining records. Sometimes, they are also required to attend customers and other business associates over the phone. The cashiers may receive hourly wages or appointed on a salary package. Their pay gradually increases as they gain experience.

Sales Associate – The sales associates are responsible for handling customers. They provide necessary help to the customers. Their job duties include attending customers and satisfying their queries, giving advice and assisting in purchase, helping buyers in locating requested products. They may also be assigned duties like, unloading deliveries, stocking shelves and maintaining hygiene in the store.

Management – Besides entry level job positions, the company often organizes recruitment drive for management positions as well. These positions are offered to experienced candidates having related qualification and skills. Sometimes, entry level workers may also be promoted to some of the administrative designations. The associated designations include assistant manager, key holder and store manager.

Advantages of Working @ Dollar Tree

The company offers several job benefits to its employees. The offered benefits vary by their status and position. Entry level workers are allowed flexible schedules and are paid high wages. They may also get other benefits like provident fund, educational reimbursement, paid time off and others if working for more than 25 hours a week. The professional associates hired on salary are provided 401(K) retirement plan, employee stock option plan, life and health insurance, dental and vision protection, long-term disability coverage and company funded profit programs.

Job Interview Questions @ Dollar Tree

  1. Do you have any prior experience of this job?
  2. Will you be able to work 7 days a week if ever required?
  3. How long will you like to work with us?
  4. What are your career goals?
  5. How would this job help you reaching your goals?
  6. How will you encourage a customer that he/she revisits our store again?
  7. Will you stay if your replacement is late?
  8. What is your educational qualification?
  9. How will you respond if your manager scolds you?

Dollar Tree Job Application