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With its headquarters placed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, there are about 929 locations of American Eagle Outfitters; 148 of Aeries Clothing; and 77 kids’ stores. There were about 35,000 employees with the store by January 2012. Innovation has been focused upon; right from the time the first store was brought into operation in the year 1977. The company has always aimed at innovation. Changes are constantly brought about by the store from time to time. To top it all, the innovation tendency as carried by the associates stands to be the number one competitive edge above so many other companies.

Organization Details

Working Hours
The work timings for this fashion store are Monday to Saturday-10:00 am to 9:00 pm and on Sundays from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Age Eligibility
The candidate should be at least eighteen years old when applying for any post.

Career Opportunities
Technical Designer, Design Director, Assistant Designer, Intern, Maintenance Specialist, Help Desk Analyst, Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Stock Lead, Sale Associate.


Jerry and Mark Silverman were the founders of American Eagle Outfitters which they began in the year 1977. The company earlier worked as subsidiary to Retail Ventures Inc. In 1986, the other stores were sold off by the Silverman brothers to concentrate on the American Eagle. In the year 1991, the Silverman brothers sold the store and reorganized themselves then. The first location in Canada was opened in the year 2001. The first location in Middle-Eastern was opened in the year 2010.


The store offers a good quality of on-trend clothes, products of personal care, and also accessories available at a reasonable cost. Apart from the online presence at, the company has about 929 stores located in Canada and the United States.  Further, the stores can also be found in countries like Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Russia, Israel, Jordan, China, Poland, Hong Kong, and Japan.  

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Additional Services

The company, on a primary basis, operates in shopping malls and sells designer clothes for women, men, as well as for young adults. Included in the clothing line are dresses, skirts, khakis, blouses, scarves, shorts, jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, and hats too. Accessories, footwear, items for personal care, lingerie, and apparel are presented here. Fashion accessories like rings, bracelets, and necklaces; outerwear, swimwear, and underwear are all offered online too.

Community Initiatives

Corporate responsibility is maintained by the store when it comes to interacting with the community. The American Eagle Foundation was created by this fashion store for spreading a positive message amid the young Americans. This also helped raise some money meant for many charitable causes. Annually, the store provides financial aid worth millions of dollars to various community programs and non-profit associations operational all over the world.

Environmental Initiatives

The significance of lessening of impacts on the environment is understood by this fashion store. Business practices that are friendly to the environment are practiced here whenever it is possible. All over the United States, campaigns for conservation of the environment are carried on wherever possible. In addition to these, many locations of the company implement as well as participate in programs meant for recycling of the wastes.

Financial Stature

This store exists in the form of a public company and also trades on the New York Stock Exchange  using the ticker symbol –‘AEO’ and controls more than 900 locations present in Canada and the US. Also referred to as ‘AE’, it makes close to $3.160 billion in the form of annual revenues (as of the financial year 2011).

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Store Manager:- The physical appearance of the store as depicted by the store is the responsibility of the store manager. This helps regularly keeping a check on the product availability for customers at the store. Also, keeping a check on the inventory as well as timely ordering of the necessary items is the duty of the store manager. The annual salary for this individual is close to $45,200.

Assistant Manager:- This individual works by supporting the company manager and perform the allotted duties. This individual is also responsible for preparing various plans that are advantageous as far as the employees are concerned. The basic job of hiring or termination of staff, ensuring completion of sales transactions, as well as making the different schedules come as immediate responsibilities of the assistant manager. This position gets a mean annual wage close to $34,256.

Sales Associate:- The accessible products by the company are advertised and retailed by the sales associate. The sales associate holds the responsibility of generation of income and profits for the company. This worker gets an hourly wage of $7.82.

Cashier:- The cashier holds the sole responsibility of dealing out the payments made by customers. The audit of cash would be performed by this individual, both before and after the shift. This is to ensure that there are no discrepancies in day-to-day cash transactions. Customer service of the best quality, attached with a friendly and warm environment inside the store has to be provided by the cashier. This position commonly gets an hourly pay of $7.69.

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Advantages of working@American Eagle Outfitters

The attire at the workplace is of casual type and the Onsite parking at locations like Ottawa, Warrendale, and Hot Metal is free. In addition to this, there is availability of on-site dry cleaning service and provision of cafeteria. Programs regarding employee assistance, as well as merchandise discount, added to plans of pet insurance are available.  There are volunteer opportunities run through the ‘American Eagle Foundation’. Also, there are paid time-offs, new department leaves, 8 paid leaves, long and short term disability cover, opportunities of development via training, tuition reimbursement, and recognition and rewards program. The fashion store provides dental, medical, and visual insurance, apart from life insurance. In addition to these, the store also presents its employees their name tags along with a munificent discount (in-house) on the various products. A matching plan of 401 (k) is also available.
American Eagle Outfitters

Job Interview Questions@American Eagle Outfitters

  • While working, how can you describe diversity and its importance with regards to fashion?
  • How do you classify the American Eagle Outfitters in comparison to any other fashion store?
  • Can you briefly describe the style of this fashion store?
  • Regarding the brands of this store, please describe the image being manifested here.
  • How can you become an efficient sales representative?
  • How can you reach out to the viable customers of this store?
  • How do your friends and family characterize you?
  • Can you describe the style of your clothing?