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Being a foremost fashion retailer in US, the Bon Ton operates stores in twenty three states all the way from Midwest and the Northeast, to the Great Plains. A high quality of merchandise is provided by the company and that too at a reasonable price tag. Along with ‘growing-up’, the Company has preserved the custom of neighborhood store names owing to the loyalty they have for the communities in which they thrive. The store lives with an aim of being loyal to the base, maintain the rapport with the neighboring society, and the individuality of every store owned.

All this makes the Company unique as compared to other fashion stores. The Company believes that growth leads to a multiplication in terms of career opportunities. The company employs more than 27,100 employees and it generates a revenue of more than three billion dollars.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Bon Ton Job Applications:

The store opens from Monday to Saturday: 10:00am to 9:00pm. On Sunday, the timing is 11:00am to 6:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ Bon Ton Job Applications:

The minimum age required to apply for a job at Bon Ton Department store is eighteen (18) years.

Career Opportunities @ Bon Ton Job Applications:

Sales Manager, Store Associate, Store Manager, Customer Service Representative, Receiving Manager, Assistant Store Manager-Merchandising, Human Resources Manager, Assistant Store Manager-HR/Operations.


The Bon Ton custom started in the year 1898 after Max Grumbacher began with a store selling women’s hats and also, dry goods. The store was located on the Market Street of York, Pennsylvania. It was only during the mid-1960s that the Bon Ton stores started an epoch of quick expansion and this still continues today. It was in the year 2003, when company made its size twice the actual one as it acquired Elder-Beerman which had its foundation in Dayton, Ohio. After 3 years, Bon Ton again increased its number of stores two times after acquiring the Northern Department Store Group from Saks, Inc.

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With more than 275 stores, Bon Ton has become one of America’s leading regional stores, in about 23 states. The store claims to be large enough to influence costs and on the other hand, it’s small enough in understanding the want of local customers. Also, the store claims to be large enough such that it can have the training and systems, adequate to impel success.

Community Initiatives

The Bon Ton workers show a commitment to make a constructive impact as far as communities are concerned. What really sounds special is a strong belief which supports the campaign of ‘United Ways’ and is considered the best way in making a difference. The contributions of all the associates can be designated to local organization of ‘United Ways’ of their own choice, thus reaching various towns and cities. Since 1999, over $63 million have been raised for nonprofit organizations and schools through events on Community Day.

Environmental Initiatives

As far as environmental or green initiatives are concerned, this is serious matter for Bon-Ton. The store is dedicated to social responsibilities and committed to recognize and support green practices. It aims at changing the standards which, in return, will bring about a positive change and benefit everyone, from community, environment, employees as well as customers.

Financial Stature

The Bin Ton Store, Inc. carries the symbol ‘BONT’ on the NASDAQ and officially announced the Third Quarter Fiscal Results for 2012 ending 27th of October. The highlights are as follows:

  • There was an increase by 1.9% in analogous store sales
  • The third quarter of fiscal year 2011 had a gross margin rate of 37.4% while that of year 2012 was 36.6%.
  • The operating income equaled $10.8 million in comparison to the same parameter of $0.5 million in the third quarter of fiscal year 2011.
  • The net loss improvement was $22.0 million for third quarter of fiscal year 2011 as compared to $11.9 million to $10.1 million for fiscal year 2012.
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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Store Associate :- The Store Associates at Bon Ton operates cash entry registers, looks after products that are on display, keeps the product display and shelves organized, helps during the sale of any product, in addition to answering any queries related to merchandise, services, and policies.

 Customer Service Associate:-
The jobs of a Customer Service Associate are somewhat similar to that of a sales associate. These include services, policies, answering queries related to merchandise, in addition to providing return and exchange services. The wage of a customer service associate hovers around the minimum wage for workers at entry level. As experience is gained, the employees may get perks and increased salaries.

Management:- This type of career serves as a feasible path as far as full time job seekers are concerned. There exists an on-line application for individuals wanting a suitable job as a store manager, sales manager, and assistant store manager jobs. These sales managers are paid salaries ranging from $25,000 to $35,000 per year.

Advantages of working @ Bon Ton Job Applications

Qualified associates get packages of employment benefits which include visual, medical, dental, and options for life insurance. Insurance on long term disability Also in the queue are 401(k) plans for retirement, paid vacations, legal aid, sick pay, as also discounts related to Bon Ton services and merchandise.
Bon Ton Job Application

Job Interview Questions for Bon Ton Job Applications:

Here are some common probable questions which the interviewer may put forward during the interview session at the time of recruitment. The candidate must also prepare some probable answers to commonly asked questions during the interview:

  • Why did you choose the Bon Ton Department Store for aspiring for a job, ignoring so many other stores already present?
  • Do you possess any relevant experience as far as the sales department is concerned?
  • What will you do to motivate the customers such that they shop more frequently from Bon Ton Department Store?
  • Do you face any problem when called for working on Sundays or other holidays?
  • Impatient customers are regulars in every store. How do you plan to interact with them?
  • After three or four years of working in this store, where do you expect to find yourself as far as the department of sales is concerned?
  • In case anyone goes against the norms laid by this company for self benefit or otherwise, how do you plan to tackle the situation?
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