Cinemark Job Application

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Cinemark is a chain of movie theatres in North and South American continent. Operating more than 300 movie theatres, it is one of the largest chains of movie theatres. There are many entry-level and professional jobs offered by the company at various locations.

The job seekers can find employment in the home office, theatres and theatre management. They can browse available job vacancies on the corporate website of the company – There are separate job applications for applicants to management positions and for applicants to other entry-level positions. Apply the online. It is the most convenient method of applying to the job at Cinemark. The applicants will be shortlisted by the company’s human resource management team and called for an interview at the respective location.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Cinemark:- 10:00-12:00AM daily

Age Eligibility @ Cinemark:- 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Cinemark:– Snack bar attendant, Projectionist, Usher, Theatre manager, Ticket booth attendant, Assistant manager, Ticket taker, Cashier

History:- Cinemark was founded in the year 1984. It is a subsidiary of Cinemark Holdings Inc. It operates movie theatres at several locations under different banners like Cinemark, Century, Tinsel town USA and Cine-Arts. The chain uses a cartoon character – Front Row Joe in its advertisement campaigns. The parent company trades under the moniker – CNK in New York Stock Exchange. The corporate office of the company is situated in Plano, Texas. Besides United States, this chain of movie theatres is also extremely popular in Taiwan and Latin America.

Additional Services:- This is a chain of movie theatres. The viewers can enjoy snacks and cold drinks apart from watching movies. Often, these theatres have been offering discount coupons for selected screenings.

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Presence:- The theatres run by the company can be found in all most U.S. states. They are situated in main towns and cities. The overseas locations include theatres in South America, Japan and Taiwan.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

These movie theatres offer job opportunities in many capacities. Most of them are the entry-level jobs that do not require having any specific work experience or educational credentials. Anybody 16 years old or above can secure those jobs. The jobs are offered mainly in three capacities – projectionists, ticket bookers and managers. The projectionists are responsible for projecting the film on screen. They check out the technical issues in film projection and ensure that it runs without any problem. Ticket bookers stand in ticket booths billing movie tickets, doing advanced bookings and replying to the questions of customers.

Cinemark Job Application

The managers are responsible for hiring entry-level associates. They oversee all the operations and manage work-force. They are liable to resolve conflicts between workers as well as keep everything running efficiently. The accounts are also maintained by them. They are at the top level responsible for the overall operations of the theatre.

Advantages of Working @ Cinemark:

It is obviously entertaining to work in a movie theatre. It never tires you. And, you have the advantage of watching latest movies. Well, the workers get high wages even in the part-time positions. They work in shifts, which may be rotational at some locations. The managers and other professional members in crew withdraw high base pays and get standard benefits like 401(k) pension plan, life insurance, flexible spending account, health insurance, paid time-off, paid leaves, paid training and healthcare facilities.

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Job Interview Questions at Cinemark:

  • Introduce yourself?
  • Why Cinemark?
  • Have you worked at a ticket counter before this?
  • Which accounting software do you know?
  • What are your expectations from this job?
  • Which shift will you prefer?
  • Will you be comfortable in rotational shifts?