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A job at Costco offers amazing opportunities for retail job hunters. Both part-time and full-time job seekers may apply at Costco. It offers superb work benefits to its employees. Employees at Costco, experience a friendly work environment that helps in the smooth running of the business. Part-time workers receive handsome per hour pay and full-time employees get competitive salary options.

The warehouse stores of Costco regularly hire potent candidates for entry-level and managerial positions in several departments. Some employment opportunities are available in supermarkets, cafes and electronics, floral and bakery departmental stores of Costco. Generally, hiring is done for office departments, such as administration, accounting, marketing, merchandising, graphic design, risk management, quality assurance, logistics, and information systems.

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Organization Details

Working Hours @ Costco: The company works from Monday-Friday: 10:00am to 08:30pm, on Saturday’s: 09:30am to 06:00pm and on Sundays 10:00am to 06:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ Costco: Candidates must be 18 years old or above.

Career Opportunities @ Costco: Costco recruits the candidates for the following positions: representative-customer service, sales associate, cake decorator, baker, cashier assistant, cashier, maintenance assistant, food service assistant, skilled technician, cashier-membership refund, membership assistant, sanitation assistant, stocker, forklift driver, appointment clerk-receiving, meat cutter, optical sales assistant, pharmacist, pharmacy technician, photo lab clerk, assistant-photo lab, print shop assistant, payroll clerk, inventory clerk, truck driver, hair technician, hair stylist, order picker and nail technician.

History: Costco’s 1st location was launched in the year 1976 by Jeffrey Brotman and James Sinegal. In the beginning, the company served only small-scale organizations. Later, the company found that it would better to serve only a selected audience. Costco became the 1st company that grew from 0 to 3 billion dollars in terms of sales in just 6 years. Costco merged with Price Club in 1993. In 1997, the names of all locations were changed to ‘Costco’. Costco Wholesale Corporation is listed on NASDAQ and trades under the ticker ‘COST’.

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Presence: At present, Costco runs the largest warehouse club chain in the U.S. This retailer operates more than 500 stores across the world. Over 410 locations of this company operate the business in the States. Costco has its stores in Taiwan, Mexico, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Korea and Australia.

Additional Services: Customers, who have the Costco membership, enjoy accessibility to a wide range of products. These products include beauty products, grocery items, automotive products, electronic items and many more, to meet each and every demand of its customers. The store sells its products through its website as well.

Community Initiatives: In terms of serving societies, Costco is seriously indulged in different corporate and social events. To protect and help societies from various problems, the company has spent millions of dollars. Costco supports and participates in different programs, which are specifically initiated for child care. The company frequently donates funds in order to improve the community livelihood. Costco also takes part in various charity programs for the welfare of the societies.

Environmental Initiatives: Costco incessantly works for its sustainability and put efforts to minimize the harmful effects of its business on the environment. The company operates multiple retail stores with huge solar arrays. The company also uses water-conserving plumbing and power efficient lighting to reduce water and energy usage across its chains. Costco works conscientiously to minimize ravage and recycle different products at distribution warehouses, stores, and corporate offices throughout the world.

Financial Stature: Costco is a public traded company which is listed in NASDAQ stock exchange under stock ticker COST. The company also falls in the list of Fortune 500. Being one of the leading retail stores in the United States, Costco generates revenue of $70 billion each year. Costco employs more than 145,000 workers every year for its departmental stores across the world.

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Jobs Description & Remuneration

Costco provides various employment opportunities for self-motivated and hardworking individuals. Costco offers outstanding opportunities for entry level and experienced workers. The work environment of Costco is very supportive and friendly.

Costco regularly hires applicants for the following entry-level jobs: Cashier: Cashier at Costco is responsible for registering the cash transactions of each customer. The main job responsibilities include scanning items, handling money, processing payments, looking up prices, providing money change to customers, managing cash registers, handling customers’ queries and collecting carts. Cashiers are paid on hourly basis. The average pay of Costco cashier is around $10 to $11 per hour.

Stocker: Stocker at Costco is responsible to arrange displays, organize shelves and stock products. Sometimes, the stocker may be asked to perform some additional tasks like maintaining store appearance, organizing stock rooms and unloading deliveries. They also assist customers in order to find right products. Starting pay of a Costco stocker generally ranges from $11 to $12 (hourly).

Management: Costco’s management requires talented and experienced employees to fill up the positions like asst. manager, manager, supervisor, etc. The selected candidates for these profiles have to perform the duties like managing daily store functions, scheduling employees, hiring new workers, giving training to associates, etc. The salaries of employees may vary on the basis of job title, experience, and locations of the stores. The starting salary of a manager falls between 30,000 dollars to 110,000 dollars.

Advantages of working @ Costco

Costco offers extensive job benefits to its associates at all levels. Qualified employees enjoy extensive job benefits, such as paid training, paid time off, 401(k) retirement plan, health benefits of dental and medical care and flexible account spending. Costco offers a good amount of discount to its associates and organizes several employee recognition programs.

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Job Interview Questions for Costco

Below are some interview questions which can be prepared to crack the interview.

  1. What did you like the most about your last job?
  2. How would you handle an employee under your supervision who is not putting his/her best to the work?
  3. Is it fine with you to work for 9 hours continuously?
  4. How much salary do you expect from us?
  5. How long will you work with us?

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