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Dairy Queen, also abbreviated as DQ, is one of the largest fast food restaurants and ice cream outlet chain, expanded globally. It is officially owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc. The brand “Dairy Queen” is named on one of its soft serve product, after first launch. Dairy Queen operates café parlours successfully in most of the countries on the globe. Food and beverages are highly appreciated among humans of all categories (Men, Women and children).

Eatables of this brand act as a miracle for children of all age groups. Industry can be rated on whether kids are enjoying with their parents or youngsters are visiting on cool dates. Besides these fun activities, Dairy Queen as an employer offers enormous career opportunities on regular intervals. Entry level jobs are the first step to begin your career in these industries. Dairy Queen constantly hires professionals with high dedication and established skills. People here are gifted with the choice to serve either as full time or part time employees.

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Organization Details

Working Hours @ Dairy Queen: Every day the ice cream parlour operates for twelve hours. From Monday to Saturday: 10:00am-10:00pm. Sunday: 1100am-11:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ Dairy Queen: With minimum age of 16 years, you are eligible to start your career in this organization.

Career Opportunities @ Dairy Queen: Cashiers, Cooks, Crew Members, Restaurant Managers, Dining Room Attendants, Cake Decorators and Assistant Managers.

History: In the year 1938, an ice cream parlour was opened in order to develop the soft serve quality. To improve this concept, Dairy Queen was founded by Mr. John Fremont McCullough and Mr. Sherb Noble. With this effect, a chain of ice cream store came into existence. The first store was opened on 22nd June, 1940 in Joliet, Illinois. Soon after this, DQ gained heavy public response and appreciation. Just in a small period of 10 years (1950), nearly 1,400 franchised outlets were opened in the United States.

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Presence: Today, the company has its existence in the United States, Slovenia, Oman, Canada, Guam, Austria, China, Ukraine, Cambodia, Indonesia and numerous other countries. Including all these international markets and more, the brand is functioning with more than 5,900 retail outlets.

Additional Services: Dairy Queen Menu card includes a vast range of tasty and mouth watering items. People can make a choice from among these food and beverages, like soft serve ice creams, grilled cheese sandwiches, banana splits, ice cream cakes, hamburgers, soft drink floats, ice cream shakes and hotdogs along with several other dessert and fried food delights.

Community Initiatives: Like various international brands, Dairy Queen also participates in a wide range of community initiative programs. From year 1984, the retail ice cream parlour is sponsoring more than 170 hospitals of North America in order to prevent children from getting medical treatment (Medicines, injections, heavy drugs and lot more). Additionally, the brand every year gives charity to educational and old homage programs.

Environmental Initiatives: Prevention of environment is a serious concern in modern times. Most of the Dairy Queen outlets have encouraged a number of energy saving programs and recycling techniques which include reducing water consumption and conserving electricity, etc. A very exciting step has been taken by the company in this direction. Whenever any customer or client orders for a take away, ice cream stores will always use recycled packaging materials for it.

Financial Stature: For everybody’s general knowledge, Dairy Queen is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. This retail brand is listed on NYSE as a publicly traded organization. You can find DQ under the symbol of BRK.A and BRK.B.

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Karmelkorn and Orange Julius are the other two brands which are acquired by Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen alone does business of $2.5 billion every year. While, these three companies jointly generate billions of revenue.

Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration

As a leading fast food chain industry, hiring criteria in DQ is not too harsh. Beginners in every sector work as entry level executives, same is here too. Amount of experience and knowledge acquired along with the area of specialization decides the level an applicant can be hired for.

Apart from employing professionals, it also aims at offering franchise to those, who wish to start their own fast food outlet. In 21st century, online facility has activated the hiring process with a sudden push. Candidates to get instant interview calls may use this facility.

Team Member- This is the entry level job in Dairy Queen Sector including cashiers as well. This job does not require any previous experience. To meet customers requirement and make them satisfied, this industry always require friendly, helpful, dedicated, personable and hardworking aspirants to take on team member’s job.

Company’s success in market highly depends on team member’s performance. As a result, they are very much accountable for preparing food and drink orders, cleaning work stations, operating the drive-thru window, responding to customer’s queries and restocking supplies.

Cashier- When you will be appointed as a cashier at Dairy Queen, you will be heavily responsible for managing all cash transactions. You need to assist customers with his purchases made, bill settlements and also placing the items inside their vehicle.

To starting your services as cashier, you need to attain one or two weeks training. After qualifying in the training, you will hit the floor. Cahier’s income ranges in between $8 to $11 per hour.

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Management- For these mid level positions, the company hires hard-working, motivated, energetic and dedicated professionals from external sources. Holding administrative designations, you will be required to hire workers, training them, work scheduling, training them and explaining about company’s goals and objectives.         Talking about managers, their annual package starts from $20,000 and ends up till $40,000.


Advantages of working @ Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen extends enormous employee benefit schemes from both hands to its competent workers. From entry level to top management, every employee enjoys several job benefits, such as paid training opportunities, flexible work schedules and competitive pay rates. Dairy queen is among the world top soft serve companies. With prime objective of caring for each employee, it is liable for providing exceptional financial as well as insurance benefit plans. These includes 401(k) retirement plan, tuition reimbursement, flexible spending accounts, paid time off, disability insurance, education assistance, life insurance, sick leaves and holiday pay.

Additional benefits include name cards and uniform as well as discounts on food and services and group legal plans. These benefits get increased when the organization offers attractive incentives to hard working employees. Differences among employees are always out of the door. Worker satisfaction is a big reason of success.

Job Interview Questions for Dairy Queen

Questions of great value during interview:

  • Please brief us something about yourself.
  • Why do you want to work at Dairy Queen?
  • What do you understand by customer service?
  • Do you hold any previous work experience?
  • What do you expect from the company?