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El Pollo Loco is a chain of restaurants specialized in preparing marinated chicken. ‘El Pollo Loco’ means the crazy chicken in Spanish. The restaurant chain is continuously expanding to new locations and offering numerous job opportunities. The enterprise requires crew members as well as restaurant managers at new locations and existing ones. Any individual at least 16 years of age and legally eligible to work in United States can join these outlets as crew member. For management positions, much qualified individuals are preferred.

The company does not provide a printed application. Candidates willing to get employment with ‘The Crazy Chicken’ can apply online. Visit elpolloloco.com and hit ‘careers’ tab. Select Crew positions or Restaurant management to apply at either of the two designations. Fill up successive electronic forms and your application is complete. Upon registration, the applicants are given a login id and password. The applicants can view status of their application with their login account. Whenever there will be a position vacant at the location applied for job, you will be called for an interview.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ El Pollo Loco: These restaurants operate daily between 09:00 AM and 11:00 PM.

Age Eligibility @ El Pollo Loco: 16 years old.

Career Opportunities @ El Pollo Loco: Cashier, Crew member, Cook, Assistant manager, Shift supervisor, Restaurant manager, Service attendant, Area leader.

History: The first restaurant was opened in Guasave, Mexico in 1975. Juan Francisco Ochoa was the founder of this restaurant chain. By 1979, it expanded throughout North Mexico. In United States of America, first El Pollo Loco was opened at Los Angeles, California in year 1980. In 1983, Denny’s purchased the restaurants of this chain that were running in America with an agreement that Ochoa family will continue operating the chain in Mexico. In 1999, these American restaurants were sold to American Securities Capital Partners. In 2005, this enterprise was purchased by Trimaran Capital Partners. It is currently owned by the same with corporate headquarter at Costa Mesa, California.

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Menu: These restaurants are popular for Pollo Asado, which is a marinated grilled chicken. It also serves various other Mexican cuisines like Taquitos, Burrito, and Crunchy Chicken Taco, Tortilla soup, Grilled chicken salad and others.

Presence: The chain operates in Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Nevada, Virginia, Utah and California. It has approximately 450 locations in these states.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration

One can join as crew member in these restaurants. Crew members work as Service assistant, cook or cashier. Cashiers maintain registers and keep check on accounts. Cooks prepare food, while service assistants perform a variety of tasks like greeting new guests, taking orders, serving food, cleaning, delivering orders and other day-to-day operations. Crew members earn hourly wages between $8 and $10. These restaurants operate from 09:00 AM to 11:00PM daily. A number of college students works as crew member for part time and a significant number of people do same as second job for extra earnings.

At management positions, candidates may be hired as general manager, acting area leader or area leader. These positions are offered to qualified individuals who have prior experience of managing a restaurant or have related work experience. These employees are hired on salary packages. For example, a general manager earns a salary ranging from $48,000 to $52,000 per annum. Similarly, marketing director is paid anywhere between $115,000 and $125,000 per annum.

Advantages of Working @ El Pollo Loco

The employees at El Pollo Loco enjoy several benefits. Crew members avail 50 percent discount on meal on duty and 25 percent off duty. They are paid for overtime on Christmas and provided assistance program. Crew members working full-time are given paid vacations and facilitated 401(K) retirement plan after six months of service and provided life insurance, health insurance, dental and medical protection plan after 18 months of service. Managers are also provided all the job benefits in addition to competitive salaries. They are given on-the-job training before actual appointment. They also earn incentives and performance bonuses.

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Job Interview Questions at El Pollo Loco

  1. Do you speak Spanish?
  2. Give your introduction?
  3. What Mexican recipes you know? Will you like to join as cook?
  4. What you think about this job?
  5. Where you see yourself after two years?
  6. Where do you live?
  7. Why you need this job?
  8. How will you manage your schedule?

El Pollo Loco Crew Job Application