Famous Footwear Job Application

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A chain comprising of retail stores spread nationwide in the USA, deals with footwear that are branded. They are usually branded and at discounted prices, as against the suggested prices from the actual manufacturer.  This chain currently runs as a part of the ‘Brown Shoe Company’, maintaining more than 1,125 storefronts, as of 2010. ‘Famous’ is considered as a two-in-one, that is, as a champion, and as a forerunner. All this is by the establishment of shopping malls carrying massive discounts, in America.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Monday to Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm; while on Sundays: 11:00am-6:00pm

Age Eligibility – Sixteen years.

Career Opportunities 

The employment positions available with this company are varied and extensive. There are high earning positions like Sales Associate, Stock Associate and Store Manager. There also occur positions like Assistant Manager, Store Sales Manager, and Retail Operations Manager. Some other positions that may also be available to be filled by qualified candidates are Material Handler, Human Resource Representative, and Quality Assurance Specialist. But this is not all. Some other ranks available from time to time are Transportation/Logistics Manager, Merchandiser, Order Processor, Shoe Designer etc.


It was Neil Moldenhauer who first created the ‘Neal’s Factory Outlet Shoes’, in Madison, WI, in the year 1960. To start with, the retailer used to sell shoes, which only carried brand name and that too at reasonable prices. Slowly, the company grew as decades passed, and by 1992, this footwear giant became the largest shoe retailer in the United States of America, for the whole family. The company had officially changed its name to ‘Famous Footwear’ in 1964. Later, by the year 1999, this footwear company was operating stores in forty nine states. The first international store for this footwear company was opened in Guam. The company reached its $1 billion sales stretch in the year 2001. At present, the company carries out the administration of more than nine hundred and fifty stores that are located in the fifty states of the USA.

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This is a large company and has its locations all over America. It also operates some stores in places like Puerto Rico and Guam. The company is always expanding and growing, and it also predicts expansion into newer markets. It endeavors to extend its locations into other international markets with the years to come.

Additional Services

This leader, as far as the industry of footwear is concerned, serves more than 120 million customers every year. A broad range of selected brand name shoes is present for everyone, ranging from children, to men and women. Even the price tags have the lowest cost possible. The company keeps brands like Puma, Rockport, Converse, K-Swiss, Dockers, DC Shoes, Nike, Adidas, and Sketches. Many other brands that offer only private labels, like ‘LifeStride’, ‘Naturalizer’, ‘Franco Sarto’, ‘Dr. Scholl’s’, ‘Buster Brown’, and ‘Carlos by Carlos Santana’, are also sold by this company. There is an excellent resource for the customers provided by friendly sales staff.

Community Initiatives

The process of giving back to the community is followed by the company. It also supports quite a number of charitable organizations, both, at the national level, as well as, at the local arena. This company provides assistance in building and supporting various programs, the civic and educational institutes, and the arts. There are charities supported by Famous Footwear, including March of Dimes for Babies, and United Ways foundation. Annual fundraisers are also held by this company, and the donations, as a result, are forwarded on to those organizations, which support research for a cure of breast cancer.

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Environmental Initiatives

There are many sustainability and conservation efforts activated by this company, and this helps in environmental preservation. This company works closely into a reduction of emission of wastes and also works into a reduction of carbon footprint while increasing its production. A number of green initiatives are followed by the company, and it also offers an extensive choice of shoes that are eco-friendly.

Financial Stature

Operation as a subsidiary company of the ‘Brown Shoes Company Inc.’, it owns quite a number of selected brands all over Canada, Guam, China, and the USA. There exist one thousand four hundred store locations of retail worldwide. Thousands of employees are also employed in diverse regions. The average earnings of the company come close to $2.2 billion per year. As far as sales are concerned, the company gets around $1.2billion yearly. The company trades on the NYSE and uses the ticker symbol ‘BWS’. The company maintains its headquarters at St. Lois MO.

Job Descriptions & Remunerations

Sales Associate – The basic duties of a sales associate are stocking the footwear on shelves, and affixing the right prices to individual items for sale. Assisting the customers when they are making the purchase is the prime duty of this individual. The customers are provided with adequate guidance by the sales associate, when they have any doubts pertaining to the goods.    The average salary is between $8 and $10 per hour.

Cashier – The cashier rings up the customers along with the purchases. The cashier is responsible for transactions related to credit cards and also accepting cash. Answering questions with regard to the orders or similar issues are other duties of a cashier. Helping customers with the returns and so much more also come as the duties of a perfect cashier. The average salary of a cashier ranges from $8 to $10 per hour.

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Assistant Manager or Supervisor – This is a management role and helping to open the store every morning as well as closing it at the end of the work timings, come as the Supervisor’s responsibility. Assigning tasks to employees and ensuring that they do so with perfection are the primary duties of the supervisor. The wages start at $11 – $13 per hour.

Advantages of working@Famous Footwear

The benefits of being employed with this footwear company range from stock discount, plans for stock purchasing, to life insurance. There are Visual and Dental plans included in the medical package, which also come with paid sick time, holidays, and vacations. As far as retirement is concerned, there is the 401 (k) plans available.
Famous Footwear Job Application

Job Interview Questions@Famous Footwear   

  • Which brands do you think are leaders in the footwear market at present times?
  • Can you give a true ad to promote footwear sales?
  • What are the qualities that are searched by you, when you look for footwear item?
  • How will you deal with customers who transact while setting the prices of the footwear on their own?
  • Can you help toddlers while they visit the store and get the best deal?