Halloween City Job Application

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Are you looking for a seasonal job? Why don’t you then apply at Halloween City? The scary business will be definitely a resume-builder for you. These stores can be establish in all states of USA and operates in September and October. If you are already working in retail sector and have the leadership skills to manage sales, then you may find a job of store manager or shift supervisor.

It is quite easier to apply at these seasonal stores. What you will have to do is visit halloweencity.com and hit ‘career’ button. This will lead to an electronic form. Fill in your particulars and submit the form. The applications are received by the company’s management and it decides the candidates, who must be called for interview. Apply now and wait for an interview call. The scary season may spice up your resume or let you give a chance to begin your retail career.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Halloween City: – The store operates in the months of September and October. The hours of operation varies from location to location.

Age Eligibility @ Halloween City: – 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Halloween City: – Cashier, Stock associate, Sales associate, Store manager, shift supervisor, Accountant

History: – Halloween City came in existence in year 1977. Earlier, it was called Halloween USA. The company started with a concept to supply costumes, accessories and home décor items for the Halloween festive season and branded itself successfully in the seasonal business. The yearly festival is celebrated in many countries of Europe and America.
Additional Services: – These stores supply costumes, home décor items and accessories for the Halloween festival. Thus, the stores run a creative business of its own kind, where the scary and awkward costumes, unusual accessories and decorations are the stock items.  

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Presence: – The Company operates stores in all U.S. states including District of Columbia. Some stores in Europe and Atlantic regions are also operational. 

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

If you do not have any retail experience and searching for a seasonal job or seeking an opportunity to begin your retail career, you can apply at these stores to join as sales associates. The sales associates sell costumes, accessories and other items to the customers. They have to communicate with customers and convince them to purchase items. If you have good communication skills and a marketing aptitude, the job will suit you. Even if interacting with people and persuading them to purchase something isn’t your cup of tea, you may apply for stock associate position, where only inventory operations will be at your disposal.

An experience in retail industry may help you achieving store manager or shift supervisor position. This will be a chance for you to reveal leadership skills and manage everything from staffing, controlling inventory, deciding sales strategy to promoting sales. The professional achievements secured in this position will surely help you build a stronger resume.

Advantages of Working @ Halloween City:

Since, the company operates a seasonal business; the employment opportunities are available only for two to three months at a location. Also, the hires do not get job benefits that they may receive in a permanent or temporary retail job. Still, the scary season let you earn a good income whether you are working at any position, because the hourly wages paid to you will be above average industry pay. The festive season will also let you receive some incentives and gifts. It will be more beneficial, if you work full-time during the season.  

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Halloween City Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Halloween City:

  1. Tell us something about yourself?
  2. What is special about Halloween costumes?
  3. Do you like talking to kids?
  4. What hours of day will you work?
  5. Can’t you join as full-time associate?
  6. Have you worked in sales and marketing before?
  7. Why should we select you over other candidates?
  8. What pay do you expect?