Hertz Job Application

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Hertz is a car rental company operating in more than 145 countries. Having offices at 8000 locations, the company hires an army of associates. It hires associates in various capacities like customer service representative, driver, manager, accountant and marketing executives.

If you are interested in a career with Hertz Rent-A-Car, apply to a job online. The official website – hertz.com offers a handy way to apply to a job. Click on the career’s link and navigate to the job listing. Sort out jobs by location and job category. Apply to a job matching your education by creating an online profile on the website.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Hertz:- Working hours vary by the location

Age Eligibility @ Hertz:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Hertz:– Sales coordinator, Maintenance manager, Yard worker, Branch manager, Auto technician, Counter sales representative, Field service mechanic, Outside sales representative, Claims clerk, Security representative, Flexible service representative, Vehicle service attendant, Courtesy bus driver, Business analyst, National account manager, Market development representative intern, Airport location manager, Mechanic, Domestic reservation agent, Flex service representative, Instant return representative, Remarketing sales representative, Assistant branch manager, Manager trainee

History:- Walter Jacobs laid the foundation of this company in 1918. In 1923, he sold it to John Hertz. It was earning around $1 million annually by that time. Later, the company focused its operations to supply if heavy machinery and equipments. It continued car rental service through a subsidiary. The company is now known as Hertz Global Holdings Inc. Its annual revenue is about $7 billion. The subsidiary Hertz Rent-A-Car has a presence at more than 8000 locations. The parent company trades as HTZ in many stock exchanges around the world.

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Additional Services:- Car rental services are managed by only a sub division of the company. It is now a leading supplier of heavy machinery in Europe, America, India, and Canada.

Presence:- The subsidiary is the largest car rental business in the world. It operates at more than 8000 thousand locations around the world. A bulk of these locations is in United States and Canada.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

With such a large corporation, there are myriad of career options. Some of the easily approachable careers are customer service, sales, driving, e-business operations, maintenance, automotive jobs and administration. In customer service centres, entry-level associates can join as representatives, sales agents, and call centre operators. Their duties include receiving and answering calls, carrying out promotional activities, forwarding online orders and providing customer care services. A number of automotive jobs are also featured by the locations. Candidates can join as mechanic, automotive technician or service manager.

The jobs in driving are offered to professional drivers. They should have a current license and past record of driving. For managing e-business operations, company hires web developers, designers and web specialists. There are also jobs in administration and management. The duties of managers vary by the department they are recruited.

Advantages of Working @ Hertz:

All type of jobs including part-time, full-time, internships and contract jobs are offered by the company. The nature of job largely depends on the department and job profile. Hertz offers excellent pay rates and medical cover for all employees. The workers access retirement plans, flexible spending accounts, paid time-off, life insurance and healthcare facilities. They are able to enjoy personal life by taking paid leaves and accessing choice time.
Hertz Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Hertz:

  • Which job do you find most suitable in the cart rental industry?
  • What encouraged you to join Hertz?
  • What pay were you getting in your previous job?
  • Tell us about your work experience?
  • Please explain your resume?
  • Are you ready for relocation?
  • Will you be comfortable with travelling?