Hobby Lobby Job Application

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Hobby Lobby is a large art and craft retail chain in United States. The chain operates stores in 42 states of USA and keeps on hiring entry-level workers year round. If you have some affinity for arts or you simply want a part-time job to afford your living, you may apply for employment at these stores.

Unfortunately, the company does not facilitate a printable employment application, nor it has provided any online Sources. If you are engrossed in a job at these stores, you must locate one of these stores on the company’s website – hobbylobby.com and contact its management. Submit your resume there and wait for an interview call. If you satisfy the age requirement, you will be called for an interview. Hurry up; there may be a job vacancy available at this time.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Hobby Lobby: – Monday-Saturday: 9:00AM-8:00PM; the stores remain closed on Sunday

Age Eligibility @ Hobby Lobby: – 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Hobby Lobby: – Craft designer, Store manager, Sales associate, Stock room associate, Graphic designer, Assistant store manager, Delivery driver, Merchandise handler, Office manager, Back office associate

History: – This retail chain was founded by David Green in year 1972. He is still the current CEO of the company and has successfully prolonged the group to hundreds of locations. The corporate headquarter of the company is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Additional Services: – These stores sell art supplies and various craft items. They also have home décor items, wedding supplies and home furnishing products in their stock.

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Presence: – There are 524 stores of this chain in 42 U.S. states. The candidates can locate a store online at the company’s website. They will have to enter ZIP code of their area on the store locator and thus, find a nearby store.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Among entry-level positions, most of the hiring is done on sales associate position. Sales associates are the on-store sales persons who engage with customers in the purchasing process. They guide customers and help them in buying right products. They also have to do billing and keep regular record of store sales. As the company provides online shopping facility, there are additional entry-level vacancies of customer service representatives, delivery drivers and stock associates. These workers are assigned responsibilities according to their designation. Stock associates perform inventory operations, while delivery drivers transport the ordered items. Customer service representatives take online orders and forward them to the stock managers.

A previous experience in retail, management or inventory control may lead to managerial positions. The mangers are wholly responsible for the operations of a store. They are hired on salary and are the full-time employees. Several factors like location, designation, education and experience influence their package.

Advantages of Working @ Hobby Lobby:

Hobby Lobby is just a great platform to start your retail career. You may start loving the field of arts while working at these stores. Moreover, the hobby-lobby employees get a Sunday off that is not offered at most of the retail stores. The part-time employees are able to bag a good income due to high wages and are promised flexible schedules, so that they do not have to compromise with their studies or other liabilities. The professional workers appointed on corporate or managerial positions benefit from several profit sharing plans like insurance, retirement plan, investment options, medical facilities and are qualified to take privilege leaves and sick leaves.
Hobby Lobby Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Hobby Lobby:

  • Give your introduction?
  • What do you know about art supplies?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What studies are you pursuing right now?
  • Why this job?
  • What hours of day will you work?
  • How long will you work here?
  • Can you join as a full-time associate?
  • What pay are you expecting?