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The Hy-Vee Grocery Store is a chain of stores selling grocery items in the United States. It operates stores in many regions of mid western America, like Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, and Illinois. The headquarters of the company is located in West Des Moines, Iowa. From the time its foundation was laid, the company successfully opened many drug stores, some pharmacies, and around two hundred supermarkets. In addition to traditional departments such as pharmacies and bakery, there also exist a number of Hy-Vee locations providing liquor and gas.

As compared to other companies, Hy-Vee store does not have a private owner, nor is it traded publically. It actually is a firm that is employee-owned. Voting is sought from every worker to know which markets should be expanded into and the overall performance of the company. At present, in spite of being a household name, the Hy-Vee store employs close to 55,000 workers, in both pharmacies as well as grocery stores nationwide.

Organization Details

Working Hours – The work timings of Hy-Vee Grocery stores are 6:00 am to 12:00 am on all days of the week.

Age Eligibility – To apply for a post in Hy-Vee grocery store, the candidate must be at least sixteen of age.

Career Opportunities @ Hy-Vee Grocery Stores

Positions available: Sales Associate, Pharmacy Technician, Store Associate, Manager, Cashier, Department Supervisor, Grocery Clerk, Pharmacist, Barista.


The Hy-Vee Grocery store was founded in the year 1930 in Beaconsfield, Iowa. The company gets its name from the names of the two founders: Charles Hyde and David Vredenburg. The store worked on lease for some weeks until the stock market crashed in October, 1929. The company was then given the name ‘Hyde & Vredenburg’ in the year 1933.

Later, in the beginning of January, 1938, the founders along with fourteen others integrated fifteen Missouri and Iowa stores and were named Hyde & Vredenburg, Inc. The first president of the company was the twenty three years old Dwight Vredenburg, son of David Vredenburg. The company, along with the store, also managed an office, a meat plant, a warehouse, and mill, placed in Lamoni, Iowa. The sales (gross) in the year 1938 came to be more than $1 million. Right from the beginning, the operation of the Hy-Vee stores has been autonomous, selecting inventories and fixing prices of their own.

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In 2010, the company had one heartland pantry, seventeen clinic pharmacies, twenty four drugstores, and 207 supermarkets.  o


The largest store of Hy-Vee can be found in Sioux Falls in South Dakota as a retail supermarket and is 100,0002feet. States like Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri are the states with the presence of the store.

Community Initiatives

The Hy-Vee carries more than “a helpful smile in every aisle”. It follows up into the communities and neighborhoods it serves. The things that the customers care of, are also taken care by the store, like education, civic improvement, recreation and leisure, environment, health care, the arts, economic opportunity- and the company generously donates to organizations and the related projects. Regarding the educational, emotional, cultural, and physical needs, the Hy-Vee supports the organizations providing for happiness, progress, health and safety of children.

Environmental Initiatives

The company has launched a new website which is devoted to a healthy living and sustainability. It also provides the public and customers with a backstage look at its efforts which aim at making the company greener. The newest effort is the partnership Hy-Vee has taken over with FishWise, which is a non-profit company devoted to helping retailers in developing and implementing seafood policies that are sustainable.

Hy-Vee celebrated the Earth Day and indicated the commitment in endurance as a division of a hale and hearty lifestyle.

Financial Stature

The Hy-Vee Corporation operates 235 stores located in 8 Midwestern states. It recorded a total annual sale worth $7.3 billion in the year 2011 and is placed amid top fifty private companies of the US. It is presently amongst the top twenty five chains of supermarkets in America.

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The Hy-Vee Company presently makes about $6 billion annually and has around 55,000 employees at work across nearly half of America.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Manager – The Manager is responsible for directing and managing all the operations performed in the company. Further, she/he also creates policies and rules that are appropriate, as far as the store is concerned. The regulation of daily activities performed by the employees is taken charge of by the Manager. Making an effective use of human resources and the material available in the store adds on to his job duties. On an average, the Manager is given a salary of $44,855 annually.

Cashier – Transactions that are money based and related to the company’s customers are done by the Cashier. She or he processes sales with accuracy. The assets and properties of the firm are safeguarded by the cashier, and the inventories are also done timely, by him or her. This is to assure an accurate giving and receiving of money during transactions. The cashier gets an average salary of $7.54 hour

Store Associate – There is a wide range of responsibilities to be performed by the store associate. Satisfying the purchasers with their requirements after approaching them with courtesy also comes as the duty of a store associate. The store is kept clean and in an organized manner by the store associate who gets an average salary of around $19,000 to 21,000 annually.

Store Manager – The responsibility of organizing and maintaining a regular order in the store comes under the primary duties of the store manager. Apart from this, monitoring facilities, provision of stocks, supplies and a regular update of the inventories are the jobs of the store manage. Also, assuring the best attention to the customers and their satisfaction comes to be the duty of the store manager. The average wage offered to the store manager is $54,350 annually.

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Advantages of working @ Hy-Vee Grocery Stores

The benefits enjoyed by this individual are listed as follows:

Financial Assistance, Service Recognition, Wellness Program, Paid Vacation, Dependent Care and Medical Expenses, 401(k) Retirement Plan, Short Term Disability, Dental and Medical Care, Coverage over prescription drugs, Life Insurance etc. but the benefits mentioned depending on job location and employment type.

Hy-Vee Job Application

Job Interview Questions for Hy-Vee Grocery Stores

  • How will you consider the interest of this organization against your own interests while performing your duties?
  • The company may place you into the team performing night shifts. Would that be okay with you?
  • Can you recall any instance during your career, when your work was criticized and how you came out of it?
  • Are you capable of lifting and carrying weights of 50, 75 or 100 lbs for some distance?
  •  Can you describe a situation wherein quick decisions had to be taken by you and you came out successful?
  • Describe how implausible deadlines are prioritized by you?
  • Can you define the word ‘SUCCESS’ when you achieve it in your daily life?
  • Can you speak more than two languages that may help you in performing the job?
  • Who do you portray as your role model, helping you to execute the daily activities?
  • Can you describe your work style?