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IHOP food store, one of the America’s finest chains of restaurants, taken care by Glendale, International House of Pancakes based in California, along with LLC and affiliates. IHOP restaurant’s key objective is to greet the customers with fair price, superior quality food and beverage products in a pretty and relaxing environment. This brand is famous for its omelettes, signature pancakes as well as various other dining items.

IHOP serves the customers till late night hours, making a wide range of breakfast, lunch, dinner and short meal products. Employees at the restaurant always welcome their guests with a sincere smile. There are certain values which safeguard the rights of all employees and essential for business expansion. These values are: 1) Integrity, 2) Innovation, 3) Excellence, 4) Accountability, 5) Inclusion, 6) Trust and 7) Community. Holding these values, the food brand is dedicated towards organizing community welfare events. Few of the events held by IHOP are: 1) Ennis Polka Festival Parade, 2) City of Terrell Blood Drive, 3) Taste of Cedar Hill and 4) Taste of Ennis. Online application form has complete information related to IHOP.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ IHOP:IHOP works for 24*7.

Age Eligibility @ IHOP:Candidate whether hired for full time or part time must complete the required age of 16 years or more.

Career Opportunities @ IHOP:Cook, Server, Payroll Specialist, Prep Cook, Host, Hostess, Customer Service Representative, Line Cook, Administrative Assistant, Manager, Dishwasher, Facilities Manager, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Shift Manager, Accounting Assistant, Business Analyst and Inside Sales Representative.

History: IHOP, previously known as The International House of Pancakes, is located in the USA. The restaurant is especially renowned for its breakfast menu. Dine Equity is the sole owner of this brand. 99% of the outlets are run by franchises independently.

IHOP was established in 1958 by Al Lapin, Albert Kallis and Jerry Lapin long with William Kaye and Sherwood Rosenberg. The first branch of this restaurant was inaugurated at 4301 Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, California, on 7th July, 1958.

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Presence: After getting importance within United States, IHOP had targeted global locations. Till today the restaurant is functioning in following countries with full force: Mexico, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada and Guatemala.

Additional Services: The food court till 2003 started 1,136 branch restaurants in 48 states including Canada. Every year, the company’s target is to deliver 20 million pounds of breakfast meats, 700 million pancakes and 300 million cups of coffee to it guests.

The company is continuously spreading happiness to the customers from more than 45 years. The menu card includes a long list of pancakes, burgers, salads, sandwiches, breakfast stuffs, omelettes, steaks and chicken. Guests of all age group can enjoy these menu types.

Community Initiatives: IHOP besides concentrating over local communities strongly cares for global societies as well. Much time, the brand had joined hands with DineEquity and organized quite a few social events. This includes raising funds for school children and youth awareness.

Additionally, with effect from last few years, IHOP is continuously celebrating National Pancake Day. The motto behind this program is to generate millions of dollars and support various organizations, as much as possible.

Environmental Initiatives: Environmental protection is another important concern seriously undertaken by IHOP. The restaurant stringently goes after all EPA strategies. This brand has promoted the recycling process at all chain stores. Energy consumption as well as preserving natural resources is at the top of the list of IHOP.          

Financial Stature: By the end of fourth quarter of year 2006, 1306 restaurant outlets started working in 49 states. IHOP Corp. is listed under “IHP” name on NYSE. The annual revenue of this restaurant is always measured more than $349 million from past few years.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

IHOP prepares the applicants to face new challenges, provides high quality training as well as tremendous business potential. After filling the application employment form, you can commence your career in this hospitality industry. Individuals looking for full time or part time employment can apply to check out the openings available here.

Each time company appoints a worker, needs to be dedicated and motivated towards the organization. Entry level is the first step to begin your career. Top executives are hired on the basis of experience and knowledge they hold. Go online now to grab complete information about the job openings.

IHOP Host: A variety of job tasks is being performed by these people. A host is the first contact person within the restaurant. As a host your prime responsibility is to greet the customers with a welcome smile. Host or hostess should appropriately place customer’s orders, undertake payment processes and provide bill receipt and change. Their additional duties involve cleaning and making the sitting  arrangements for the next guests to come in.

Early days of job allows them to earn minimum wages. Their salary ranges in between $8 to $9 per hour. Experience plays a major role in earning high income package. This includes $11 to $12 per hour.

Restaurant Manager: A restaurant manager is normally responsible for assisting the general manager. He is also committed towards making the team members’ customer focused, connected to community and team focused. They are required to run restaurant business, provide guidance, manage staff possessions and mentor team members.

Skilled applicants must be the holder of minimum experience in restaurant management. Additionally, you should also need to show high school certificate at the time of interview.              

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Kitchen Staff: Applicants interested in kitchen works, for e.g. cooking, cleaning, dishwashing, etc may apply for kitchen staff position. This specific designation includes several sub levels, such as cook, dishwasher, busser and server, etc.

Job duties at all these levels are different. A dishwasher is indulged in leaning all utensils constantly. Cooks are entitled to prepare delicious and wonderful menu dishes as per customer orders. Busser, on the other hand functions outside the kitchen area. They need to clean, and manage sitting arrangement for the visitors.

Management: All middle level positions falls under management category. It includes managers, general managers, assistant managers, shift leaders and shift supervisors, etc.

Managers on the floor generally lead the team, prepare work schedules and mentor new hires. Annual package of managers starts falls in between $25,000 to $35,000.

Advantages of working @ IHOP

A safe and comfortable work environment is the first and the foremost benefit which keeps the employees happy and motivates them to perform well. IHOP provides special salary packages as well as gratuity and other perks. To increase the number, list of various other advantages are 401(k) retirement, paid training opportunities, accidental death insurance, flexible job timings, insurance coverage, including dental, medical and vision care plans, paid time off, meal discounts, restaurant’s uniform and worker’s name cards. Through online form, you may explore these benefits in detail.

Job Interview Questions for IHOP

Few valuable interview questions for candidates. 

  • Brief us about yourself.
  • What are the key features in restaurant industry?
  • How will you maintain your position within the team?
  • How do you handle impolite customers?
  • What is your area of interest?
  • What is your educational background?

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