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The JCPenney job application offers exhilarating ways to start a promising profession as far as retail industry is concerned. A broad range of taking opportunities for employment is offered by the departmental store. One can apply online and find a suitable career to pursue with this company.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ JCPenney’s: The timings of operation are the typical Monday to Saturday 10:00 am to 9:30 pm. On Sundays, the timings change to 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Age Eligibility @: The minimum age required for being eligible for this post is 16 years.

Career Opportunities @ JCPenney:

Some career opportunities at JCPenney are list below:

Commissioned Sales Associate, Customer Service Associate, Department Supervisor, Store Manager, Sales Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Footwear Sales Associate, Set Execution Manager, Fine Jewelry Sales Associate, Holiday Associate, Footwear Sales Associate, Set Execution Manager, Loss Prevention Officer, Training Supervisor, Salon Front Desk Associate, Hourly Sales Support, Salon Leader, Visual Specialist, Hair Stylist, Associate Buyer, etc.


The founder of this company was James Cash Penney who opened its first location in Kemmerer, Wyoming, in the year 1902. Together with partners in business namely Thomas Callahan and Guy Johnson, two other locations were opened after initially getting successful with the initial Kemmerer store. All through the Rocky Mountain region, Penney, Callahan and Johnson went on opening a number of locations. By the year 1912, thirty four locations were being operated.

In the year that followed, the headquarters of the group shifted to New York City. By the year 1941, the Company had stores exceeding 1,600 in number. All over 1960s as also the ‘70s, JC Penney carried out its growth. In all the fifty states, stores of the company were opened and there were positions in places, such as San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 1969, the drug store chain of Thrift Drug was acquired by this company. The year 1998 witnessed the JCPenney launch anonline division of retail.


Basically, JCPenney is based in United States and it also operates many sites in other nations. Many stores are run in Puerto Rico. Merchandise is purchased from companies all over the world and business is conducted with numerous distributors overseas.

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Additional Services

Many of these stores operate by being part of other shopping malls. There is a very wide range of products to sell, which include beauty and health products, furniture, bath and bed products, swimwear, clothing, appliances and footwear. Brands which are popular and sold by JCPenney are Whirlpool, Nike, Liz Claiborne, Adidas, GE, Ralph Lauren, and Reebok. Apart from these, the JCPenney offers services like photography, custom decorating, optical, and salon services and that too at very affordable prices.

Community Initiatives

A dynamic role is played by the company when it comes to serving the community. With the help of promotions and sponsors, JCPenney raises quite a bit of currency per year with an aim to benefit many charitable and non-profit organizations. Publicly, the company is aligned with National Urban League, Organization of Chinese Americans, Human Rights Campaign, National Council of La Raza and Working Mother Media.

Environmental Initiatives

Like other major corporations, this company also considers in preservation, safety and maintenance of environment. Ethical and environmental issues linked to business practices are promoted by the JCPenney group. It struggles to reduce the dependence on sources of energy that cannot be renewed. In quite a number of stores, the programs of recycling of materials are carried out keeping environmental initiatives as the prime motto. The company also donates time and money and works to protract the US.

Financial Stature

This company is publicly owned with JCPenney operating it as supplementary of the J. C. Penney Company Inc. which was formerly owner of the chain of drug stores namely Eckerd Pharmacy which is sold in the year 2004. On the New York Stock Exchange, the company trades under stock ticker JCP. The company makes around $17 billion as revenues annually and has to manage over $13 billion as total assets. Plano in Texas has the company’s headquarters.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Associate

The basic duty performed by a JCPenney sales associate includes providing exceptional service to the customers and patrons who visit the stores every day. Some of the job duties of a sales associate are greeting customers, organizing and stocking products for sale, handling returns, helping guests while they find merchandise, call up purchasers on phone, etc. These responsibilities help in maintaining the reputation and excellence carried by the company in the retail industry of departmental stores. The average income for a sales associate in the beginning is a bit more than the minimum wage. Sales workers who are experienced may get more than $12.00 per hour. Compensations are offered in addition to rewards pertaining to meeting sales goals.

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Stock Associate

To manage the clothing, stock shelves and maintain an inventory, this company often hires staff. These workers should be able to move objects that are heavy, and to perform manual labor for long durations. About a week of training of verbal and visual instructions is generally carried out. The location of the departmental store further determines additional job responsibilities. The salary for this entry level position often begins close to minimum pay, which gradually increases with experience and time. Salary options generally exceed $30,000 per annum or $12 per hour. Both full time as well as part time job options for stock associates exist. Part time workers usually work for around three to four times for 6hours shift in a week. The full time associates on the other hand, work eight-hours a day for five days. Stock associates are also provided job benefits along with competitive pay scales. Opportunities for career advancement, discounts and flexible scheduling are also provided on the JCPenney services and merchandise.


The management opportunities in JCPenney are assistant manager, general store manager and supervisor. Designated departments have assistant manager who oversees the operations going on in there. General store manager oversees all work at the locations and ensures satisfaction of the customer. Supervisors organize days of work and set schedules. These managers usually get between $25,000 and $80,000 per annum as salary. It all depends on experience and the job title.

Loss Prevention Officers

Motivated, dedicated and responsible individuals are required by the company. These officers provide the needed security services and guard against thefts at all store locations. Loss prevention officials typically earn $10 to $12 per hour.

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Optical Service

Everyday JCPenney optical offers services for vision. Sunglasses, eye examination, a wide range of frames and contact lenses represent just some services that are provided by JCPenney. Licensed optometry doctors are provided by the company on all locations. Customers of any age group are provided with vision care.


Advantages of working @ JCPenney

Job schedules of both competitive pay scale as well as flexible type are offered job benefits. An exciting and fast paced work environment is enjoyed by the workers. The newly entry level employees get a base pay at a competitive level. General pay options are offered to full time job associates as well. Potential of career growth exists for employees who are qualified. Eligible workers also receive additional employment benefits. Associates of JCPenney who are qualified enjoy future benefits, wellness and health benefits as also insurance coverage.

For future savings, the JCPenney offers qualified workers the benefits of planning for the future, which include 401(k) plans for retirement. The eligible employees of JCPenney also enjoy bonus incentives.

Job Interview Questions @ JCPenney Job Application

Some predicted questions which might be a part of the interview process are given below. Candidates may refer to these questions and predict and prepare any other relevant ones.

  • What gives you the motivation to work for JCPenney?
  • Does any flexibility exist in your schedule?
  • Taking in view the sales environment, do you possess any relevant useful experience?
  • Define customer service as in your own point of view.
  • Have you ever tried to exceed the expectations of the manager?
  • Can you recall the time when a customer approached you with a problem and how you solved it successfully?
  • How do you plan to combat customers when they ask or demand for a discount?

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