Kids Foot Locker Job Application

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This company works as an American footwear and sportswear retailer. The headquarters of this company can be located in Midtown Manhattan, in the New York City. It operates in close to twenty countries all over the world. A chain of footwear and athletic goods retail outlets operates under the title ‘Foot Locker, Inc.’, with ‘Lady Foot Locker’ and Kids Foot Locker’; ‘Eastbay/, Footaction USA, and Champs Sports. This chain of footwear stores is also popular owing to the employees’ uniforms, which resembles the referees’ attire.

Organization Details

Working Hours – The store is open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 9:00pm; while Sundays find the store open from 11:00am to 6:00pm.

Age Eligibility – The aspiring candidate is must be having an age of sixteen years.

Career Opportunities

There are numerous career opportunities waiting to be filled by the suitable candidates. These positions range from the common Store Manager, Store Associate, Sales Lead, and Sales Associate to many others like Sales Lead, District Manager, and Human Resources Coordinator. Also present in the list can be Marketing Analyst, Manager Trainee, and Logistics Manager Etc.


With the beginning of ‘Foot Locker’, the Kids Foot Locker also came into existence. Following the acquisition of ‘Kinney Shoe Corporation’, by the F. W. Woolworth Company, the ‘Foot Locker’ was formed, in the year 1974. The ‘Woolworth Athletic Group was created by F.W. Woolworth, in the 1980s such that the operations of the particular shoe stores could be supervised. It was in 1998 that the company changed its name to Venator Group Inc, and it underwent another change in the name, in the year 2001. Now, all Foot Locker operate under the name of Foot Locker Inc.

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This company belongs to an organization that is active internationally. The stores of the company have a worldwide presence. With Lancaster, PA being the original location where the company was founded, the Kids Foot Locker currently has a control over many stores present in places like Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America. The company further plans continuation of expansion internationally.

Additional Services

This company primarily operates out of the locations of shopping malls and offers brand named as well as off brand footwear and apparel, of a broad selection. But this is not all. The company also offers accessories like cleaning supplies, shoe laces, and inserts for sale. The company has a store present on the internet too.

 Community Initiatives

This company takes part in various charitable causes. It helps in promoting the UNCF, which is a non-profit youth scholarship fund. It also sponsors many athletic events to give a boost to a healthy lifestyle, which is active and always developing. In the year 2000, the parent company Foot Locker produced the ‘Foot Locker Foundation Inc.’ such that scholarship opportunities could be provided to juvenile athletes aiming to carry on with their academic careers.

Environmental Initiatives

The environmental impacts are regularly assessed by this company such that business practices that are ecologically friendly may be practiced. The EPA environmental codes are strictly adhered to, and the raw material is all purchased in a conflict free. Many locations of the company also take an active part in waste management and recycling programs.

Financial Stature

Operating as a wholly owned subsidy the company trades on the NYSE and uses the stock ticker symbol ‘FL’. It generates close to $5 billion in the form of annual revenue and total assets touching $2.2 billion are controlled.

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Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Associate – This job title is at the entry level position, and a number of responsibilities are undertaken by the sales associate. This individual apart from meeting and greeting the customers also provides assistance in sales, while ringing up purchases. This individual helps in the administrative process and the regular stock duties. An ideal candidate for this post possesses a courteous, attentive, and a friendly attitude. To add on, he also demonstrates the knowledge related to footwear and apparel.  The sales associate at this company, typically gets minimum wage as the starting pay.

Associate Product Line Manager – The initial concepts are reviewed by the Associate Product Line Manager apart from assisting in the organization and sending of colour/sample along with the fabric standards. Both, the initial, as well as, the updated cads are downloaded by the associate product line manager. He informs vendors about change followed by making sure of the update of cads. The worker also ensures and follows up that all information like delivery dates/months, units, vendor, and the cost is confirmed. She or he also maintains a check on all the information related to the accuracy before sending the material to vendors or offices.

Retail Planner – The retail planner is required to have exceptionally good analytical and communication skills so as to provide support to growth, profitability, and sales goals. Then there are responsibilities including execution of the planning policies that satisfy the budgeted sales, and understanding the customers’ needs. Analyzing the retail sales such that the chances at Model-SKU-Colour-Size point can be identified are also the duties of the retail planner.

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Advantages of working @Kids Foot Locker

In response to the dedication and hard work from the employees, all the eligible workers are given fantastic payback such as attractive competitive rate (hourly), great inducement for achievers, and international and regional travel opportunities. Also in the line are benefits like discounts regarding gym membership, and outstanding employee discount. Not to forget, the exceptional training, career development, and traineeship opportunities.

Kids Foot Locker Job Application

Job Interview Questions @ Kids Foot Locker

  • Can you identify the latest trends that have taken the market by storm?
  • Which footwear brands are currently your favourites?
  • Are you familiar with the brands sold by this company?
  • Does the sales driven environment inspire you?
  • Do you possess any kind of experience related to footwear sales?
  • Can you define customer service in a layman’s language?
  • For how long do you plan to stay and provide service to Kids Foot Locker?
  • Which shoe brands are personally preferred by you?
  • What can you do to satisfy any customer who visits the store for the first time?