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Michaels has a principle job environment for crafts and art lovers. It needs dedicated and motivated workers as staff for full time as well as jobs at the entry-level with immediate effect. A flexible work environment, advancement in career growth and also programs of paid training are some of the features of Michaels job applications.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Michaels Store: The store is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 9:00pm, while on Sundays the timings are 10:00am to 7:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ Michaels Store: To become an employee of the Michaels Store the minimum age of 18 years is mandatory.

Career Opportunities @ Michaels Store: Some career opportunities available at Michaels store are Store Manager, Store Associate, Department Supervisor, Demand Planner, Vendor Relationships and Service Management Manager, Distribution Supervisor, Loss Prevention Investigator, Accountant, Marketing Specialist, Category Administrative Assistant, Material Handler, Assistant Manager, TEMP, Packaging Manager, Call Center Agent, HR Coordinator, Financial Planner Analyst, Financial Planner Analyst, Project Manager, etc.


The founder of Michaels departmental store was Michael Dupey. Founded in 1976, the store is situated in Dallas, Texas. In the year 1982, the ownership of the store was changed and after two years, Samuel Wyly who was the new owner took the company public. In the year 1995, “Aaron Brothers’ Holdings Inc.”, the chain of art supplies was acquired by Michaels. After a public ownership of 22 years, this company was sold to Bain Capital and Blackstone Group in the year 2006. By 2008, Michaels was operating 1,000+ stores.


Apart from the land where it was founded, Michaels has about 1,000 sites in North America, many locations may be found in Canada as well. The company operates stores in about 49 American states. Michaels is the largest retailer of supplies of arts and crafts on the globe.

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Financial Initiatives

In the year 1976, beginning as a private company, Michaels started trading with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1984. It was then a publicly owned organization. Bain Capital and Blackstone bought Michaels in the year 2006 and the company sprung back to ownership by a private firm. As regards to annual revenues, millions of dollars are generated by the company and operates stores exceeding thousands in numbers worldwide. The corporate headquarters of this company are located at Irving, Texas.

Additional Services

Basically, Michaels operates from big department stores and proffers a wide range of crafts and arts supplies and that too at affordable prices. The products supplied by this departmental store range from coloring books, stencils, pencils, yarn and beads to numerous other art related and stationary equipments and supplies. The Michaels is also a specialist in customary decoration. The customers are provided a handy access to its services and products by an online access to the store.

Community Initiatives

The Michaels has an active membership of the art community. It helps numerous artists in finding good quality of equipments and supplies. In-store seminars, like painting classes, making of jewelry, etc are regularly hosted by Michaels thus promoting art in society. Members are provided access to online forums, and the Michaels site on the internet offers tricks and essential tips related to a number of craft techniques too.

Environmental Initiatives

In terms of environmental matters, Michaels supports sustainability as far as its stores are concerned. The stores stick to strict rules of environmental and ethical conduct. Many of these stores usually purchase supplies and goods which are made from recycled materials. In addition to this, they also show an active participation in waste management and local recycling programs. This ends up promoting habits that are eco-friendly and limiting energy consumption.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Store Associate

The employee at this position of entry-level is responsible for stocking shelves with the respective products, ringing up the purchases, meeting and greeting customers and assisting them while they shop. The role of guest services is also acted upon by store associates of Michaels. A friendly personality and excellent skills of customer service must be possessed by ideal candidates aspiring for this post. The typical pay for this post of store associate varies from $7 to $9 per hour, with job title and experience acting as crucial deciding factors.


There are many opportunities for management which need to be tapped at Michaels. Job titles ranging from assistant managers and store managers to sales lead are available. The Sales Leas plan, and take charge of workers at entry level. Store managers are responsible for delegating work, hiring and training employees who are new comers, and ensuring satisfaction of customers. Assistant managers generally check the operations of any particular department. The sales lead at Michaels usually make close to $10 per hour. On the other hand, the assistant managers get pay options ranging from $25,000 to $35,000 per annum. It depends on the experience and qualification of the store managers who may get a salary of more than $75,000 per annum with experience and qualifications acting as the crucial factors for deciding the salary.

Advantages of working @ Michaels job applications

The company supports the balance which exists between family and work. A wide variety of job benefits are provided by the Michaels to its workers. Each employee enjoys a work environment that is laden with fun and energy, flexibility in schedules, programs that contain paid training, and a potential for career growth. A generous option for salary which includes appealing base pay is received by employees. The employees also get benefits like insurance coverage, benefits which have a mixture of life balance – work programs, and benefits which plan the future, like 401 (k) plan for retirement.

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Job Interview Questions @ Michaels job applications:

The questions that follow may be prepared for answering at the interview stage of selection. The candidates can also predict suitable questions that might be asked, and the appropriate reply for the same can be prepared:

  • How do you explain the term ‘Customer Service’ with regards to departmental store?
  • What will be your plan of action if any customer demands discount on any particular product?
  • What inspires you to work with Michaels?
  • Explain the incident when you were approached by a customer with a particular problem and the way you handled it to satisfy the customer?
  • Does your working schedule have any degree of suppleness?
  • Can you recall and explain any incident wherein you had to go across the trust of the manager?
  • Is the sales environment a new concept for you or do you have any suitable experience?
  • Why should you be chosen as an employee of the company?

Michaels Job Application