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Noodles and Company started with a mission to serve delicious noodle recipes taken from all cultures. It presented a menu to customers having American, Asian and Mediterranean flavors. The chain is growing at a high pace and praised for its innovations. The company is having a staff of more than 3000 employees and is recruiting more and more people along with its business expansion.

Applying to any position at a store of Noodles is very simple. It is an online process facilitated at the company’s website- Open the website and hit ‘jobs’. This will take you to an application page, where you will have to select a location, job, expectation and your personal particulars. The received applications are shortlisted and candidates are selected for an interview. You may receive an immediate call if applying for crew member position as they are recruited more frequently. So, hurry up, complete application formalities and begin a career with enjoying tasty noodles. Yummy!

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Noodles & Company: – Sunday-Wednesday: 11:00AM-9:00PM; Thursday-Saturday: 11:00AM-10:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Noodles & Company: – 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Noodles & Company: – Crew member, Waiter, Server, General Manager, Area Manager, Financial analyst, Legal advisor, Supervisor, Cook, Delivery driver

History: – This chain was a concept by Aaron Kennedy. He opened first restaurant in Cherry Creek in Colorado State in 1995. The original name of the restaurant was ‘The Noodle Shop Colorado’. Successful with his invented recipes, he opened another restaurant at Madison, Wisconsin within a year. The restaurants have been gaining popularity and increasing in number year after year. They are owned by Catterton Partners.

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Menu: – The menu contains Asian, American and Mediterranean variants of pasta, salad and soup. These dishes are Truffle Mac, Spaghetti and meatballs, Wisconsin balls and cheese, Japanese pan noodles, Thai curry soup, Pad Thai, Pasta fresco, Tomato basil bisque and others. At many locations, sandwiches and beverages are also served.

Presence: – The chain marks its presence in 20 U.S. states with approximately 300 stores in all. Along with dine-in facility, these restaurants also take online orders.

Financial stature: – The Company is a business division of Catterton Partners. It has more than 3000 employees at hundreds of locations. Its annual revenues average to around $200 million.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

These restaurants could be one of the best places to start a career in food industry. There are many entry-level jobs offered at numerous locations that can be secured to earn part-time. There are corporate positions as well that are filled by qualified individuals. Different designations offered at these food outlets are described below-

Team member- They are the entry level workers, who may be hired as waiter, service attendant, cook, delivery driver or cashier. They are paid hourly wages depending upon their designation. The pay varies from $7 to $15 per hour. Some of the crew members may be appointed as full time employee and paid salary equivalent to summed hourly pay. In such case, they also avail other standard job benefits.

Management- Store managers do a bulk of things from hiring staff, monitoring it, scheduling, managing operations, performing bank and finance related jobs and reporting to corporate office. They are responsible to run business efficiently and in profit. They receive salary in range from $29,000 to $55,000 per annum. Their salary package is determined according to their qualification, experience and assigned duties.

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Advantages of Working @ Noodles and Company:

Noodles & Company offers many advantages to its employees. They are allowed to perform duty in flexible schedules and paid standard wages. They get food discounts on duty. The professional associates receive high salaries and performance incentives as they achieve sales goals. They are benefitted from short-term and long-term disability protection, retirement plan, life insurance, medical facilities and health insurance. After their probation, they become eligible for paid leaves and vacations. Working at these restaurants not only allows earning high income, it adds to experience that is counted by all food service employers.
Noodles and Company Application

Job Interview Questions at Noodles and Company:

  • Do you know about our services?
  • Why should we prefer you over other applicants?
  • Why you want to join Noodles?
  • What career you aim at?
  • What education you are pursuing? When you will be available?
  • Can you join immediately? Or when will you join?
  • Have you any previous experience of this job?