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Pizza Hut is one of the best options when it comes to work in the fast food industry. In this company, you can get great job benefits and employment prospects, and all that starts with filling a job application form. You can also drop an application online to find lucrative and interesting jobs at Pizza Hut. The company always welcomes deserving candidates and hires individuals for various positions. Each level of job renders distinct set of duties, tasks and benefits. One can get both full time and part time jobs here. A few opportunities at Pizza Hut require a candidate to have a 4-year degree in hand.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Pizza Hut: The company works for all seven days: 11:00am to 12:00am.

Age Eligibility @ Pizza Hut:  Candidates must be 16 years old or above.

Career Opportunities @ Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut recruits for the following positions: Team member, delivery driver, shift supervisor, customer service representative, store manager, assistant store manager, restaurant general manager, server, cook, host, dish washer, hostess, front counter attendant and cashier. People are hired for several corporate and regional positions in communications, marketing, human resources, accounting, administration and IT departments.

History: In 1958, the first Pizza Hut food store opened in Kansas (Wichita) by two brothers Frank and Dan Carney. Within a small span of time, they established some more new food shops at the nearby regions. The company was particular about its policies and principles. By the end of 1970, they successfully established over 300 food shops across the U.S. In 1997, Pizza Hut became a subsidiary of Yum brands along with Taco Bell and KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and went public in 1978.

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Presence: The head office of Pizza Hut is located at Texas (Plano). It works as a subsidiary of Yum brands Inc. Pizza Hut is located at thousands of locations across the world and employs over 30,000 workers every year. Pizza Hut works as a subsidiary of Yum and operates from more than thirteen thousands locations across the world.

Menu: Pizza Hut offers food items like, pizza, garlic bread, drinks, etc. It serves both vegetarian and non vegetarian food items. One can enjoy several other types of Italian dishes as well. The most popular styles of Pizza offered here are: stuffed crust, sicilian, deep dish, double deep and chicago style. The company is also famous for pastas like, lasagna, spaghetti, calzones, penne and rotini.

Community Initiatives: Yum brand mostly serve the global communities. These brands donate more than 85 million dollars to support hunger relief organizations and World Food Programs. Yum brands assist the U.S. Harvest and Dare To Care Food Bank program as well. These brands also donate 8 million dollars to Dare To Care and over 125 million pounds to hungry people via Harvest program.

Environmental Initiatives: Yum brands take different measures to protect the environment. The company focuses on making green buildings, reducing packaging, minimizing water consumption, lessening energy consumption and reducing landfill usage. Yum has also planned to lessen energy consumption by 10 percent by the end of 2015. Now, they are planning to improve their packaging process thereby reducing wastes.

Financial Stature: Pizza hut and Yum operate under the name ‘PIZ’ and ‘YUM’ in the New York Stock Exchange respectively. Yum manages over 38,000 restaurants worldwide and recruits more than 300,000 workers yearly.

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Job Description & Remuneration

Pizza Hut is an internationally recognized brand. A person searching for a job in the fast food industry can apply online for a job at Pizza Hut. The company generally appoints candidates to fill the below positions:

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Driver: Driver is an entry-level position. The main job responsibility of a driver is to deliver the ordered food items at the location requested by the customer. To be able to apply for this job, the candidate must know how to drive a vehicle and should possess a clean driving record. Also, the individual must have the ability to find the required location with the help of a map, as the location of delivery may be anywhere. He should also have mathematical skills (should be able to do calculations like, addition, subtraction and multiplication) so that the monetary dealing with the customer can be done without any issues. The salary earned by a driver is not very high; however, he may get travelling compensation and be tipped by the customer.

Server: Server is also a basic level job. The main tasks to be performed by a server are: taking orders from the customers, serving water to the customers and clearing food related queries. They have to address the needs of the customers at Pizza Hut. Most of the tasks performed by him take place in the dining room. To be considered for the position of a server, the candidate must have good communication skills and should also have a friendly attitude. Salary wise, the wages earned by a server are not very high.

Team Member: Team members are an important resource for all Yum brands. In Pizza Hut, they start their work from kitchens or service counters. The duties of these members are preparing food, taking orders, making pizza base, serving dishes and other designated tasks. The starting per hour wages of team members are not much.

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Management: In the management, candidates are assigned designations like asst. managers, managers, team leads, etc. The positions are responsible for hiring new candidates, scheduling the workers’ working hours, providing training to associates and managing other daily operations. A Pizza Hut manager can earn up to $60,000. The salaries of middle and higher level positions majorly depend on their experience and working locations.

Advantages of Working @ Pizza Hut

By working at Pizza Hut, one gets good career opportunities along with attractive salary. Pizza Hut provides various schemes and benefits for the employees’ betterment. These benefits include paid leave, flexible scheduling, insurance coverage, stipend training, etc. Also, people at higher positions (like managers) get some additional perks like bonus schemes and expense accounts.

Job Interview Questions for Pizza Hut

Below are some interview questions which can help you prepare for the interview.

  1. What are your positive traits?
  2. Is it fine with you to work on weekends or on festivals?
  3. What are you obsessive about?
  4. What do you know about the company?
  5. Tell me something about your last job and the reason to leave?

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