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Ross Dress for Less is the third largest discount retail chain in the United States after Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. The chain is owned by Ross Stores Inc. and operates with the name Ross Dress for Less. These retail stores have the presence in 29 states of America including Guam. It is still growing and yet to mark its presence in several important marketplaces. These stores have been selling garments, accessories and home décor items. They are liked by people for quality products having a reasonable price tag.

These stores offer employment as sales associates and sales managers. The company doesn’t provide printed job application. Any candidate willing to find employment at these stores should apply via the internet at the company’s website – Visit the website and click ‘career’. Select the appropriate job position and fill up an electronic form to apply for the job. The applicants are called for an interview when there is a job vacancy at the applied location.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Ross: Monday-Saturday: 9:30AM-9:30PM; Sunday: 11:00AM-8:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Ross: 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Ross: Customer Service Representative, Store Protection Specialist, Merchandise Handler, Assistant Manager, Retail Associate Graphic Designer, Store Manager, Night Stock Room Associate, Warehouse Worker, Area Supervisor, Administrative Assistant, Sales Intern, Data Entry Clerk.

History: – Ross Dress for Less began as a department store in 1950 at San Bruno of California. Morris ‘Morrie’ Ross was the founder of this retail chain. He opened the second store in Pacifica, California in the late 1950s. In 1982, six stores of this chain were purchased by a group of investors led by Mervin Morris. They changed the format of these stores to price-off department stores and successfully expanded the chain to 107 locations within three years. Later, they also introduced DD discount stores where DD stands for a deep discount. These sister stores sell garments at more discount than in Ross stores. Currently, Ross Dress for Less is operating more than a thousand stores in the USA.

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Presence: – The chain is spread in 29 states of America. Currently, it is operating 1029 stores in the USA, the majority of which are located in California, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Washington State.

Additional Services:  These stores sell garments of men, women, and children. They are also engaged in sales of home décor items, shoes, and accessories like watches, handbags, jewelry and luggage. These stores offer bumper discounts up to 70 percent off compared to normal retail prices.

Community Initiatives:  The Company has been consistently helping several local charities and has been contributing to the development of society through various activities. For instance, it donated a huge amount to a charity organization – The Couture Girls Closet, which is based in Temecula, California. Similarly, it has donated to several other local charity organizations from different parts of the country.

Environmental Initiatives:  The Company has always tried to keep its operations eco-friendly. It executes recycling operations wherever its stores are in operation. It works along with Synergis that is a resource management company in order to carry out recycling of garments.

Financial Stature: The chain has more than a thousand stores in operation and employs more than 50,000 employees. Ross also operates DD stores along with its original stores. The company is listed in NASDAQ stock exchange and trades with ticker symbol ‘ROST’. Its annual average revenue is $6 billion and its operating income averages around $495 million.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration

Ross is the third largest retail chain in America. It provides employment to a large mass with the existence of hundreds of stores. Both entry-level, as well as professional associates, are required by the company as it expands to new locations or needs replacement at the existing ones.

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The company facilitates employment opportunities at following positions –

Sales associate – Sales associates are often hired as customer service representatives. They have to assist customers in the purchase, maintain registers, manage stock, perform inventory operations and other assigned duties. They are hired on hourly wages ranging from $9 to $12.

Management – Supervisors, assistant store manager and store manager are counted in the management. They verify inventory records, do entry-level hires, train associates, do marketing, report to the corporate office and manage overall operations of the store. These professionals earn a salary ranging from $30,000 to $60,000 per annum.

At entry-level, candidates may also be appointed at several other designations like merchandise handler, protection specialist, night stock associate and data entry level clerk. At these positions, they are paid about same wages as the sales associate but are assigned different duties according to their designations.

Advantages of Working @ Ross

Entry-level workers at these stores generally work part-time. They enjoy flexible work schedules, given on-the-job training and paid competitive wages. They may get additional job benefits like life and health insurance, short-term and long-term disability protection and performance bonuses if they have been working for a certain number of hours per week. The professional associates are provided with the retirement plan, investment options, paid vacations, holidays, commuter reimbursement and paid time off.

Job Interview Questions @ Ross

1. What qualities should one possess to be eligible to get a job here?
2. How will you manage if you are on a day off and your replacement gets late to work?
3. How long will you work here?
4. Are you comfortable working in shifts and at weekends?
5. How will you treat the customers that they revisit the store?
6. What do you think that people like about our stores?
7. Do you have previous experience of working in the retail sector?

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Ross Dress for Less Job Application (Online)

Apply at Ross Dress for Less

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