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SONIC Drive-In is one of the fastest growing food chain restaurants in America. According to a survey, till August, 2011 approximately 3561 branches of the restaurants were opened in 43 US states. These outlets serve almost 3 million customers every day. Survey report also states annual income of the restaurant, which is figures $1,037,000 in 2011 fiscal year. For food loving people enjoying various ultimate drinks at one stop shop, SONIC is ready to prepare more than 390,000 flavoured drinks.

Other aspect shows the employment opportunities, necessary for any company’s success in the market. Applicants interested in earning attractive pay packages and other facilities, SONIC Drive-In is the right place to work with. Job seekers in this industry may find both full time as well as part time opening on the positions, they are interviewing for.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ SONIC Drive-In: The food centre is open for 24*7 for its customers.

Age Eligibility @ SONIC Drive-In: One must be minimum of 16 year or more.

Career Opportunities @ SONIC Drive-In: Crew Member – Kitchen Cook & Prep, Crew Member, Crew Leader, Skating Carhop, Co-Manager, Market Supervisor, Assistant Manager and General Manager.

History: The first model of SONIC Drive-In was started in 1953 in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Creator of this brand Mr. Troy N. Smith started constructing the company as soon as he returned from World War II.

SONIC Drive-In registered it name in the list with the most number of chain restaurants within the country.

Presence: After completing 54 years, organization has 3,500 outlets across the country, covering every state. The food court is committed towards growing its business at domestic level more than across the world.

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Additional Services: It regularly refreshes the tradition and culture on all locations throughout the globe. One of the chief characteristic of this brand is to take orders and serve them not on bikes but on roller skates, a unique means of transportation. SONIC Drive-In, today functions in every city of US with holding about 3,000 restaurant shops.

SONIC Dive-In, from the beginning regularly serving award winning menu items to its customers. Menu card include consumable stuff like sandwiches, toaster, tots, onion rings, footlong quarter Pound coney along with dessert choices, such cherry limeades.

Community Initiatives: SONIC Dive-In understands its responsibilities towards the societies and communities in which it functions successfully. The fast food restaurant is dedicatedly running several programs for children and old age people. During past few years, the brand has donated millions of dollars for organizing academic and educational events.

Environmental Initiatives: Apart from working for communities, SONIC Drive-In is equally taking part in preventing environment and natural resources. The restaurant has started reducing carbon footprints and waste materials. It is actively using recycled products. Last but not the least; the company is aggressively participating in animal welfare events.

Financial Stature: SONIC as a business organization, is a well established and publicly operated brand. It functions with the label of SONIC under NASDAQ exchange. The food store’s manpower is measured in thousands including all locations of America. Its total profit is reported as $700 million from past few years.

Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration

A company’s success and growth largely depends on the nature of professionals hired. This organization, in terms of business growth hires candidates for all levels (entry, middle, senior and management) on constant basis. Applicants are interviewed not for a particular site, but they can be transferred to any location as per company terms and requirement. All SONIC employees need to complete 20-30 hours of shift per week.

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On entry level positions, workers need to make huge customer interaction. SONIC team is currently hiring for these designations.

Crew Members- Crew members in this centre need to perform ample of job responsibilities. This entry level job allows you to act as kitchen workers, carhops, greeting customers and clients, taking and placing food orders and performing other tasks during huge rust.

Crew members are the first contact person in any restaurant. They are the first who makes the customers satisfy and ensures their visit to the store again. SONIC Dive-In provides gratifying salary to all crew members.

Management Professionals- Applicants holing management positions generally include assistant managers, restaurant managers, site supervisors and few others. These people are responsible for hiring employees, overseeing daily restaurant operations, scheduling workers, training associates, maintaining professional work environment and making employees comfortable. Starting salary of a manager ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 depending upon location, experience and job title.

Advantages of working @ SONIC Drive-In

Professionals of SONIC Drive-In enjoy special privilege as compared to others restaurants. This brand facilitates with some of the best employee supporting schemes. People working here take advantages of several benefits, such as paid trainings, flexible work schedule, attractive gratuities and perks and handsome pay scale. Furthermore, other employment benefits include health and medical, dental and vision plans, life insurance and bonuses etc.

Adding some more advantages, people here are entertained with provident fund, flexible dependent plans, 401(K) retirement plan, credit union membership, tuition assistance, sick leaves and employee assistance programs. Talented workers use special facilities like business casual dress, meal discounts and vacation days.

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All employees under this brand are given equal respect and importance. Discrimination regarding age, gender, physical ability race, community and culture, etc are kicked out of the door.

Job Interview Questions for SONIC Drive-In

Few most important interview questions are:

  • As a team member what will be your basic responsibilities?
  • How will you handle a customer possessing high temper?
  • What are you future planning?
  • Are you comfortable working in shifts?
  • How will you manage working in pressure situations?
  • What qualities do you possess to get selected?

Sonic Drive in Job Application