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An American fast food chain company known as Subway earlier was famous for submarine salads and sandwiches. This renowned company is owned and handled by Doctor’s Associates, Inc. It is named among the fastest growing brands in the world. The food restaurant has established 37,776 chain outlets making a good presence in more than 100 nations.

Subway has ranked #1 in chain restaurants operating single handed in international market. Today, Subway is serving thousands of customers every day by offering nutritious, hygienic and quick meals. The restaurant offers great atmosphere to all its customers where they can enjoy a good meal along with friends and family. Continuously delighting guests by supplying mouth watering and fresh sandwiches and other menu stuffs, the brand is becoming everybody’s favourite.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Subway: Every Subway outlet operates from 10:00am till 10:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ Subway: Minimum age criterion is 16 years or above.

Career Opportunities @ Subway: Senior Sandwich Artist, Multi Unit Manager, Sandwich Artist, Office Assistant, Customer Care Representative, Shift Manager, Manager, Assistant Manager, Financial Assistant, Accounts Payable Assistant, Network Administrator and Clerical Assistant.

History: Subway was started off by Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca in year 1965.  The main owner of the food court is Doctor’s Associates. The first outlet was inaugurated in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Fred DeLuca took a loan of $1,000 from his friend peter Buck. From this amount, he started his first ever sandwich store on 28th August, 1965.

After the establishment of first branch, the brand set a goal to open 32 more outlets within 10 years. Peter Buck was the person who financed this project. So to honour him, the first store was named as “Pete’s Submarines”.

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Presence: Subway records international attendance in over 95 countries. Apart from the United States, other nations which have highest number of Subway Centres are Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Each country has more than 1,000 outlets. Countries have few branches in number that includes the Bahamas, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Cayman Islands.

Additional Services: Entering in subway. You will step into completely different and exciting world of fast food sector. Here, you will have a large variety to choose from. Mouth watering and flavoured dishes, such as Spicy Italian sandwiches, Chicken & Bacon Ranch, bake bread; Egg & Cheese sandwich, lighter fare salads, Sunrise Subway Mel, jalapeno and Double Bacon are waiting for you.

Community Initiatives: Subway as an independent food store likes to participate in various community events. One of the company’s franchises, i.e. Tim Ryan in recent times made a contribution of 600 sandwiches to The 180 Illinois Army National Guard Soldiers in a homecoming event.

Philip Peek owner of Texas also supported a school named Pleasant Grove Independent School and announce for the lunch for one week to all the students. Subway serves the communities as its prime responsibility.

Environmental Initiatives: To preserve environment, Subway has introduced some new practices within its stores globally. A huge percentage of company stores are converted in Eco-Stores. These outlets daily make use of efficient lighting systems, HVAC systems, day lighting, and LED interior and exterior signals. The fast food store supplies 100% hormone free milk, menus, napkins and several recycled goods and services.

Financial Stature: As the world knows about subway, a privately owned organization. The brand is owned and taken care by Doctor’s Associates Inc. The company’s annual revenue is measured around $15 billion. The fast food restaurant is centred in 95 countries with 3,400 outlets.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

As an international brand, the food restaurant continuously hires workers to fill in both entry as well as supervisory vacancies. At all sites, Subway strongly requires professionals who can serve the guests either as full time or part time employee. Starting your career first time with the food industry, Subway offers you a great platform to begin. The restaurant is looking to hire applicants for the below positions.

Sandwich Artist– Sandwich artists are basically the team members of the food store. Major Job tasks involve taking customer’s order, cleaning restaurant and preparing food stuff, etc. At Subway, these artists will earn bare minimum salary of $9 to $10 for every hour. You will also receive sparkling incentives and job perks.

Management– Management is a middle level job position including important posts like senior sandwich artists, shift managers, multi-unit managers, assistant managers and store managers. Managers here generally appoint new employees; motivate associates, schedule employees and supervise all operations.

Income of managers starts from $20,000 and can reach upto $60,000 according to the performance.

Advantages of Working @ Subway

Subway from the first day of its business is regularly caring for its all professionals. The advantages offered by the company might slightly differ depending upon job designations. But the key benefits are competitive pay rates, flexible work timings and paid job trainings, etc.  Moreover, you will get career advancement opportunities at regular intervals and direct deposit pay, paid time off, 401(k) retirement plan, free food, restaurant discounts, direct deposit pay checks, credit union membership and weight-loss programs.

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Take online tour today to discover for more employment advantages.

Job Interview Questions for Subway

To get job appointment letter of Subway, all the candidates must successfully complete the hiring requirements. For getting interview calls, applicants should complete all the important details and submit the application form. You can crack interview rounds by thoroughly reviewing the below questions.

  • As a team member what will be your basic responsibilities?
  • Can you perform your task in a speedy work environment?
  • How will you handle a customer possessing high temper?
  • Are you comfortable working in nights and on weekends?
  • What is your future planning?

Subway Job Application