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The T.J. Maxx form for job application aims at finding significant employment opportunities. Retail jobs characterize a supportive environment for work combined with fun. To add on to the good things, there are opportunities for paid training and a potential for career growth. The company has to hire both roles workers full as well as part-time workers finding the staff for administrative assistants, sales associates as well as secretarial jobs. But this is not all. The organization also aims to get workers for filling jobs in distribution and positions in management.

The T. J. Maxx is now and then also identified as the Maxx or simply TJ’s. This is a chain of departmental stores owned by TJX Companies in the United States. The company is a prime retailer of clothing items owns more than nine hundred stores in America. Not just this, there are numerous stores of the company present in many other nations. T. J. Maxx provides a thrilling array of opportunities for full-time associates as well as entry-level workers.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ T. J. Maxx Application: T. J. Maxx opens Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. While on Sundays, the time is reduced to 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Age Eligibility @ T. J. Maxx Application: An aspiring employee must be at least 16 years of age.

Career Opportunities @ T. J. Maxx Application

These are the career opportunities available with T. J. Maxx job application:

Loss Prevention Manager, Assistant Manager, Finance Analyst, Store Manager, Front End Control Officer, Merchandise Coordinator, District Secretary, Legal Secretary, Development Specialist, Part-Time Merchandise Associate, Regional Training Manager, etc.


It was in the year 1976 in Framingham, MA, that T. J. Maxx came into existence after being founded as a nameplate of Zayre chain of department stores.  When this nameplate was sold to a rival department store called Ames, it got a new name- “TJX Companies, Incorporated” in 1988. Quite a bit of success was experienced by T. J. Maxx stores throughout the period of the 1980s and the 1990s. More than 900 store chains are operated worldwide.

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In countries, like United Kingdom, Poland, Germany and Republic of Ireland, the T. J. Maxx operates under the title “T. K. Maxx”. In countries like Puerto Rico, this company is situated in six locations viz. Plaza Rio Hondo, Ponce, Bayamon, Plaza del Norte in Hatillo, Caguas and San Patricio in Guaynabo. In San Juan, a new store is planned to be lunch at Plaza Las Americas shopping mall.


TJ Maxx Job Application
Additional Services

Different locations of departmental stores are primarily operated by T. J. Maxx. They offer customers a broad range of accessories and fashion with discount. They have an off-brand and name brand clothing specially designed for children, women, and men. There are the clothes for infants in addition to athletic, shoes and fashion accessories.

Community Initiatives

As a part of charity, the T. J. Maxx store is in favor of the “Save the Children” drive. In an attempt to help support the cause, each store espouses a child. In the year 2005, about $1.25 million was raised. Back in 2000, the “Happy Hearts” scheme was launched and $4.3 million were raised for supporting the United States families and children in need.

Environmental Initiatives

The parent company of T. J. Maxx i.e. TJX Companies Inc. helps to promote renewable energy and environmental sustainability all over the world. The T. J. Maxx stores along with the community, work together ensuring execution of business practices that are safe for the environment. The company additionally limits the quantity of wastage from factory warehouses and store locations and takes part in recycling programs thus reducing carbon footprint which is created via business.

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Financial Initiatives

The T. J. Maxx company basically works as wholly owned supplementary of the TJX Companies Inc. which trades publically under the stocker TJX on New York Stock Exchange. T. K. Maxx, HomeGoods, T. K. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeSense, and StyleSense are the sister companies which help to generate approximately $20 billion as far as annual revenues are concerned. The headquarters of the company is located in Framingham, Massachusetts and about 150,000 workers are employed in the TJX Companies.

Jobs Description and Remuneration

Sales Associate  

Entry level job hunters possibly considered as the post which requires no experience with regards to the retail industry. The general responsibilities rendered to the sales associate involve meeting customers, greeting them, providing assistance in sales, organizing and maintaining shelves. The starting salary for this category of workers is near minimum pay.


This job title is an entry level type. The company is looking for motivated and friendly workers who can staff the position of cashier. A typical cashier greets the customers, answers queries about the product, promotions, services, policy and rings up purchases. Experienced job seekers can earn starting pay ranging from  $9.00/hour or $10.00/hour. Apart from attractive wages, the company is also offering numerous job benefits, like flexible timings, employees discount and paid time-off. Also included in the work benefits of these workers are wellness and health insurance options, vacation time apart from 401 (k) retirement options for the qualified staff of the company.

Loss Prevention

At the T.J. Maxx, positions for loss prevention are available in the form of Loss Prevention Supervisor and Loss Prevention Specialist roles. They guard against pilfering, theft etc. The Loss Prevention Supervisor usually gets about $30, 000 per annum. The Loss Prevention Specialist is paid a salary close to $12 to $14 per hour that depends on the experience of the individual and the location.

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Advantages of Working at T. J. Maxx Job Applications 

Workers at T. J. Maxx are provided with some excellent experiences while employed. A competitive salary scale which is further instigated by a supportive environment to work is an advantage of working with T.J. Maxx. To add on to the list of advantages, there are programs of paid training, opportunities for advancement in career and flexible scheduling offered by the company. Benefits of future planning also include 401(k) retirement plans, programs associated with college savings and plans for sharing employee profit.

Wellness and health benefits include paid vacations, adoption assistance, holiday pay, bonus programs, service awards and sick leaves.

T.J. Maxx provides insurance options which comprise vision, dental, medical as well as options for life insurance. Plans for homeowners insurance and disability coverage are also offered by the company.

Job Interview Questions for T.J. Maxx Application:

Some questions which may be asked during the interview are framed below. Candidates can mold more questions with respect to their qualifications and experience:

  • With regards to your experience, how do you plan to counter irate customers?
  • What inspired you to join this department store even though there are numerous opportunities floating in the market?
  • How would customers demanding a discount on any particular product handled by you?
  • According to you what is the definition of the term ‘customer service’?
  • Have you ever exceeded the expectations of your manager? Please elaborate.
  • Why would T. J. Maxx consider to hire you?
  • Do you possess any type of experience as far as the environment of sales is concerned?

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