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Toys “R” Us is amongst the leading brands of the world. It is the highest manufacturer and retail store of toys and baby products speedily becoming no.1 choice of the customers. The retail group is functioning with 875 brand outlets alone in America together with 625 centres at international locations.

Toys “R” Us before offering any product for sell in the market strongly certify the quality and durability of video games, its accessories, hardware and software technologies. The retail group when compared with other overseas brands entertain its customers and clients by providing some outstanding special services, such as: 1) Fulfilment, 2) Vendor Management, 3) Product Assembly, 4) Order Management and 5) Inventory Management.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Toy R Us: The store is open from Monday to Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm and Sunday: 10:00am-7:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ Toy R Us: Applicants of 16 years or older are eligible to apply for the job positions at Toys R Us stores.

Career Opportunities @ Toy R Us: Asset Protection Specialist, Pricing and Signage Team Member, Store Associate, Store Team Lead, Customer Service Representative, Sales Team Member, Game Sales Team Member, Hours Stocking Crew, Sales Associate, Sales Team Member, Assembler, Risk Management Support Representative, Back Of House Specialist, Store Manager, Department Supervisor, Store Receiving Specialist, Assistant Manager, Housekeeping Team Member and Off Hours Stock Clerk.

History: The brand retail store “Toys R Us” came into existence in 1948. The store is committed towards manufacturing variety of toys and juvenile products for its customers. The company’s headquarter is in Wayne in New Jersey.

The founder of the brand Charles Lazarus at the age of 25 years commenced this business as Children’s Super mart in Washington DC. Later on in 1957, this super mart was converted into Toys “R” Us in Rockville, Maryland. Another change came in 1966 in this company, when it was purchased by Interstate Department Stores. This departmental store was the originator of Children’s Bargain Town, White Front and Topps in the United States.

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Presence: The retail store has its presence in over 30 countries. It is situated in California, Japan, Canada, Arizona, Alaska, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Kansas, Colorado, Florida, Lowa, North Dakota and Pennsylvania, etc. Out of its total centres opened, 520 are company managed and the remaining ones are franchised stores.

Additional Services: Toys “R” Us, apart from running company owned departmental store, is also the holder of various subsidiaries. Few of the most successful subsidiaries are KB Toys, Babies R Us and FAO Schwartz. Moreover, you can also get entertained by online facility operated by the company (,,, and

Community Initiatives: Several communities and charity organizations receives enormous assistant from Toys R US. In year 2011, the retail store has donated over $1 million to help children suffering because of Japan earthquake. It has also provided $1 million to a non profit organization working in New Jersey.

Environmental Initiatives: Toys R Us manufactures eco-friendly toys to protect environment and children playing with them. The company avoids the use of PVC plastic in the production of toys. Customers visiting the stores will always find BPA-free baby bottles and other consumable products.

Financial Stature: For your general knowledge, Toys “R” Us is privately functioning corporation. The organization is not listed on any of the stock exchange, whether domestic or international. The company’s annual turnover is more than $13 billion. Toy “R” Us is the largest toy manufacturing organization in the United States. The store has over 800 retail outlets touching all states of the nation.

Toys R Us Job Application

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Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration

Toy “R” Us is a great employment organization for the associated professionals. Every year you can find more or less job opportunities in this retail group. The international brand assists you in the right direction to advance your career. Whether you are starting as fresher or applying as experienced professional, you will never be laid own. Currently these are the vacancies, you can apply for.

Sales Associate– From the job title, it can be easily understood that they are majorly responsible to achieve sales target. Additionally, these associates should also need to check cash registers, stock shelves, handle customer service encounters, light mopping, restroom tidying and store personnel as well.

For all these specific duties, you will be offered competitive base pay of $8 to $10 for every hour.

Cashier– This entry level job involves high responsibility because of huge amount of cash transactions daily take place here. Cashiers generally maintain cash registers and help customers with their final purchases. On this post, you will earn minimum starting salary.

Management– Professionals working on these positions confirm about guest’s happiness as well as managing all operations inside the store premises. Department managers, team leaders, store managers and assistant managers, etc. are the chief positions involved at management level. As a Toy R Us manager, your salary package will start from $30,000 and can range up till $70,000 per year.

Assembler– The retail store assemblers do have to complete their duties in large number. Assemblers need to assemble all the electronic toys and gadgets for the sale to the general public. They also might have to act as a helping hand for the sales associates during heavy rush hours. Your income is another reason for your difference with other workers. In the starting years of employment, a minimum of $9 per hour you can take home. This figure will change depending upon your performance and experience.

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Advantages of working @ Toys R Us

Toys “R” Us provides great employment facilities to all the people who are directly or indirectly associated with the brand. These benefits might differ, depending upon experience, job title and location you work in. Advantage which all employees can enjoy is majorly the working environment and job equality.

Other chief opportunities are: Insurance coverage (medical, vision, life and disability and dental as well), 401(k) retirement plan, personal leave days, vacation days, sick time, matching charitable donations, employee assistance programs, childcare help, senior care discounts and financial assistance, etc.

Fill and submit the job application form of Toys “R” Us today and outshine your career with this wonderful retail organization.

Job Interview Questions for Toys R Us

  • How long are you looking to serve the organization?
  • How would you act in absence of your manager?
  • Are you ready to stretch even after your shift timings?
  • Do you hold any previous work experience?
  • What are your expectations from the company?