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Walmart Stores, Inc., globally performs businesses as warehouse membership clubs, superstores, and discount department stores along with several outlets. For the knowledge of the common public, the company operates its business in three different sectors: International, Wal-Mart Stores, and SAM’S CLUB. Out of these three divisions, Wal-Mart Stores are the prime section producing almost 67.3% of the total business alone every year.

The departmental store is proud to serve 200 million customers and corporate clients every week. For the 2012 fiscal year, the brand has planned to achieve targeted sales above $444 billion. Before caring for store guests, the company first provides quite a lot of employment benefits to its employees. Workers as per their convenience can apply for either part-time or full-time vacancies. Fill out Walmart’s job application form today and get detailed information.

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Organization Details

Working Hours @ Walmart: In order to provide excellent customer services, the store works 24*7.

Age Eligibility @ Walmart: Before appearing for the interview, you should be 16 years old or above as per organization policy.

Career Opportunities @ Walmart: Store Associate, Money Center Associate, Customer Service Representative, Stock Associate, Housekeeping Associate, Greeter, Cashier, Optometrist, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Pharmacist, Automotive Sales Associate, Beauty Sales Associate, and Tire Sales Associate.

History: Samuel Walton, the owner of this brand name, established the store in order to provide excellent customer service, work environment, and products at cheaper costs. The departmental store was opened in the year 1962 by Mr. Samuel Walton and his brother. The first branch was centered in Rogers, Arkansas. The company performs duties on three basic principles: 1) Service to Our Customers, 2) Respect for the Individual, and 3) Strive for Excellence. Walmart got registered on New York Stock Exchange in the year 1972.

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Presence: Walmart in the international market functions over 4,000 different sites in 14 countries, such as Argentina, China, Honduras, Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, United Kingdom, Guatemala, El Salvador, India, Japan, Mexico, and Nicaragua. Walmart as a brand globally operates using several different banners like Todo Dia, Despensa Familiar, and Pali.

Additional Services: This retail chain departmental store satisfies its customers and clients by manufacturing a variety of durable products and services. You can shop here for home appliances, toys, clothing, furniture, sporting goods, gardening, cosmetics, stationery, toiletries, jewelry, baby, and pet needs electronics, books, food, and photographic equipment, etc.

Community Initiatives: In terms of serving communities, the brand is seriously indulged in various social and corporate events. An organization known as The Walmart Foundation is supporting those communities which are taking care of retail store chains. To cure societies from natural disasters, the company has contributed millions of dollars. The foundation also collects for charities for fighting hunger, providing scholarships for students, and aiding military veterans. The organization has been awarded several times for its effortless contribution to communities.

Environmental Initiatives: The Walmart Corporation besides helping societies also cares a lot about the environment. It is running quite a few programs to prevent Earth and its natural resources. The store has started reducing its waste outputs, doing research on its environmental impact, and controlling its energy expenditure. Walmart leads many environmental events and posts online coverage for its regular customers and clients.

Financial Stature: Walmart is a publicly-traded company. It uses names, such as FRA, LIM, and NYSE under the ticker WMT. The brand in the year 2010 recorded total sales of more than $418 billion. At the international level, the store alone does the business of 30%.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

As a leading international retail store, currently, 2 million employees are associated with it. The company on regular basis appoint entry as well as middle-level professionals in their company. It needs to staff people to fill in both full-time plus part-time seats. Following are the designations, you can apply for:

Cashier: As a cashier, you will be highly responsible to manage all the cash transactions on daily basis. After getting this post, you will have to help customers with their purchases and making payments. Your chief duties are to checking prices, answering questions, operating registers, credit card machines, and handling a large sum of money. In the starting, your salary will be $8 to $10 per hour.

Sales Associate: This is again an entry-level job position that includes duties, such as assisting store guests and stocking up all products. Other tasks are answering questions, checking expiration dates, finishing additional jobs as assigned, and organizing displays. Sales associates again receive a minimum payment of $8-$10 for every hour they spent in the store.

Greeter: The main role of the greeter at Walmart is to greet all the customers and corporate clients visiting the stores. As a greeter, you should possess courteous, friendly, helpful, and gratifying nature. A lot of a company’s success depends highly on the work performance of greeters.

Stock Associate: Walmart’s stock associates are required to care for refilling stocks, rotate merchandise if necessary and check expiration dates. Additionally, you need to manage the basic necessities of the store.

Management: People coming to the management level need to daily check and operate store operations. Positions which are designated as management post includes Department supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager, etc. Supervisors are responsible for hiring the right applicants, scheduling and training them. This designation makes you earn a handsome salary of between $30,000 to $60,000 per year.

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Advantages of working @ Walmart

All employees in this company are employed with plenty of on-the-job benefits, such as flexibility in work schedule, industry-competitive pay, and paid job training. Whether you are a new appointment or holding experience, you are eligible for store uniforms and nametags, free meals, and other striking advantages. The list does not end here. More sparkling facilities include a 401(k) retirement plan, accident insurance, long and short-term disability, healthcare coverage, paid time off for holidays, personal days, vacation, prescription drug plans, stock purchasing programs, and jury duties.

Job Interview Questions for Walmart’s

Applicants who want to successfully clear all rounds of the interview at Walmart should do a research study regarding company information and several other general topics. The company chooses the candidates to appear for the hiring. Generally, organizations call employee references and use job portals for appointing deserving individuals. Below are few important questions that are asked by the interview panel.

  1. Please tell us something about yourself.
  2. What type of job role are you looking here for?
  3. What made you apply for a job at Walmart?
  4. Describe your abilities for which you can be employed here.
  5. Are you comfortable working in shifts?
  6. How will you manage to work in pressure situations?
  7. What do you understand by customer service?
  8. Do you have any work experience in the sales field?

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