Wet Seal Job Application

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This is a clothing retailer for women and carries brand names that are economy priced, or in other words, pocket friendly. This fashion store offers accessories and clothing for young women. It also faces a healthy competition against other major retailers like ‘Justice’ and ‘Charlotte Russe’.

Organization Details

Working Hours :- Monday to Saturday: 10:00am to 9:00pm; Sunday: 11:00am to 6:00pm.

Age Eligibility:- Eighteen (18) years

Career Opportunities

Director of Leasing, Field Visual Merchandising Coordinator, Sales Associate, Visual Coordinator, Internal Audit Manager, Store Operations Analyst, District Director, Store Manager, Assistant Manager.


This fashion store was founded in the year 1962, by Lorne Huycke. The name of this store has its roots from a comment passed by Huycke, when he was attending a fashion show. He commented on, and compared a model clad in a bathing suit resembled a ‘wet seal’.


The headquarters of this fashion store can be located in Foothill Ranch, in California. There are five hundred stores operated by the company in forty seven states and an online site for ordering also exists. This is a specialty retailer leading the market of contemporary and fashionable accessory items and apparels. Till December 29, 2012, it had about 555 stores under operation in 47 states and Puerto Rico, and that also includes 80 Arden B and 475 Wet Seal stores. This fashion store is also present on the internet and sells goods online at wetseal.com. The store is also available in sites of social networking like Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook.

Additional Services

This is a chain of retail stores and caters to fashion apparels of young women.  This is the largest trends in garments and also accessories, dress pants, jeans, shoes, active wear, graphic tees, blouses. There is a provision of clothing in both plus sizes and the regular sizes. The company

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Basically targets lady-customers belonging to the age group of 18 to 35 years old.

Community Initiatives

At present, there are a number of community organizations with which Wet Seal Inc., is partnering and is spreading awareness on social issues. An application can be submitted to the company if any athletic programs, schools etc. want to be considered as partners. Organizations are supported, and jog-a-thons and walks are held. Yearbook advertisements, fundraisers, and raffles are also held regularly. There are a number of organizations such as Project Kindle, Threads for Teens, and the Boys and Girls Club which have joined hands with this company.

Financial Stature

It is a company that is publicly traded, and on the New Your Stock Exchange, it uses the ticker symbol ‘WTSL’. At present, ‘Arden B is also owned by this store and they jointly pull in close to $611 million as revenues every year.

Wet Seal Job Application

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Store Manager -A store manager here is expected to have strong leadership qualities. The duties just do not end here. Employee management, administrative duties, and customer care are other important stuffs to be done by this employee. A yearly salary ranging from $24,000 to $55,000 can be expected by this officer. This also depends on the location of the store and earlier management experience.

Assistant Manager -Varying by the location of the fashion store, the responsibilities of the assistant manager usually pertain to administrative jobs. These involve hiring, training, and guiding the new employees, setting the schedules of work, and supervision of store associates. The assistant manager can expect a yearly salary ranging from $24,000 to 55,000 per annum.

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Sales Associate -The sales associate usually greets customers, directs them to the merchandise, stocks shelves, maintains cleanliness at the store, and answers queries. Some additional duties like completing transactions, performing the inventory functions, processing returns, and wrapping the gifts are also performed by the sales associate. A sales associate gets $7.25 to $9 per hour as salary.

Advantages of working@Wet Seal

This fashion store provides various additional benefits to its workers.  Along with programs like ‘on-the-job training’ programs, flexible scheduling, and competitive wages, there are benefits like 401 (k) savings, health benefits and paid time offs.

Job Interview Questions

  • How will you track the sales of a day?
  • Will you be able to manage the store’s staff if it is overcrowded?
  • Which factors will you consider for taking decisions related to inventory?
  • Do you have any difficulty in working in the warehouse instead of the retail store?
  • Would you entertain loading and unloading merchandise in the shortfall of other workers?
  • Which factors will you consider appropriate for deciding the merchandise to be displayed?
  • How will you manage the stock in the warehouse such that it is not stolen by any coworker/customer?
  • How will you set schedules in case a large number of workers request flexible schedules?