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White castle is an iconic world famous food giant. An individual seeking for career in the fast food sector, White castle is an ideal place to start with. Employees, apart from earning handsome salaries, are also benefitted with attractive incentives and perks. This field hire professionals on regular intervals. White Castle provides the opportunity to its employees with part time as well as full time job vacancies.

White castle, an American restaurant chain, is expanding its business rapidly in every country. As a private organization, it takes stand amongst the most successful restaurant chains of the US nation. Annual revenue of this brand is counting in millions of dollars and it is continuously increasing every year.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ White Castle:  Working hours of store are 10:30am-12:00am (Monday-Thursday) and 10:30am-04:00am (Friday-Sunday).

Age Eligibility @ White Castle: 16 years is the minimum age requirement.

Career Opportunities @ White Castle: Manager, Team Member, Alternative Brands Advertising Specialist, Sales and Marketing Analyst, Assistant Manager, Tax Specialist and Payroll Supervisor.

History: White Castle as a fast food restaurant was established in 1921 by two founders named Mr. Edgar Waldo (Real estate and insurance agent) and Mr. Walter Anderson (Cook by profession). The name White signifies cleanliness and purity as well as Castle describes the stability and strength of the company. The brand’s first outlet was opened in Wichita, Kansas, in same year. After getting enough popularity, both partners decided to setup its retail chain in every location of Middle West. During 1933, company’s headquarter was relocated to Columbus, Ohio.

Presence: White Castle, a renowned fast food centre of America satisfies millions of customers and clients every day. Talking about United States, the brand has opened over 420 retail outlets in 10 districts of the country.

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The restaurant has no future plans about its international expansion. But it is dedicatedly entering in every state of America.

Additional Services: White Castle from the commencement of its business always wants to remain in the hearts of Americans. To overcome this goal, organization constantly markets for its sandwiches and burgers in 30-hamburger boxes, also known as Crave Case.

Other menu products that can be enjoyed by the visiting customers are French fries, hamburgers, pulled pork sandwiches, cheeseburgers, fish sandwiches, soft drinks, chicken rings and deserts. All these consumable items are available at affordable prices.            

Community Initiatives: Being one of the best fast food restaurants around, White castle plays an important role for communities. In April 2011, a charity campaign called “Everyone Can Be Royalty” was launched by the organization at Chicago. This restaurant has approx 420 retail outlets in the United States, which makes hungry customers happy.

Environmental Initiatives: White Castle has played many roles in supporting for a variety of charity events for environmental cause. A majority of White Castle centres have reduced the use of energy consumption. They are also indulged in undertaking all recycled materials. These recycled products are used for packaging, storing and delivering as well.

Financial Stature: White Castle is a company which lies in private hands. In terms of finance, the restaurant makes a total profit of millions of dollars every year. For this, it needs to constantly increase its business and achieve the set targets. The company has strong manpower, which is measured in thousands of numbers.

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Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration

White Castle in order to gain employee’s strength provides ample of career opportunities to all fresh graduates and experienced applicants. The first step which grants permission to establish in this industry is the entry level hiring. With relevant work experience, you can acquire a number of esteemed positions. To get hired, you are required to walk in for the interview. Now-a-days, internet has reduced the effort of visiting particular companies. With this feature, aspirants can apply for the required positions and immediately receive interview calls.

Before applying for a specific post, applicants must be of 16 years of age or more. It offers both part time and full time vacancies to apply for. Positions on which people normally serve are team member, brand advertising specialist, manager, tax specialist, payroll supervisor and sales and marketing analyst. Job responsibility at each level is different from other levels. Currently, hiring is going on for these positions.

Team Member- It is the most basic level, an applicant can apply for. As a team member of this brand, you are highly responsible for baking and greeting patrons, take orders, operate cash registers, work the drive-thru and prepare food. Adding on to this, you might need to clean restaurants, kitchen, restrooms and lobby areas etc.

As a member of this organization, all employees are accountable for the entry and exit of the company. A team member will get a starting salary in between $9-$10 per hour. The amount of income might differ more or less depending upon experience, title and location of store.

Management- Management is another important designation in this service sector. Roles and responsibilities of these leaders are again varies from other workers. Management leaders are liable for managing all shifts of team members. They need to train new associates and maintain a healthy and safe work environment in the café shop. These leaders must possess fluent communication and writing skills, as well as should be highly qualified.

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Advantages of working @ White Castle

White Castle provides a great working environment to its employees. People here enjoy as they are working with old friends. Organization is entirely committed towards providing several employee benefit plans excluding their salary. Both full time as well as part time workers can be benefited with these advantages. Including high salaries, the company also help applicants financially with attractive perks and incentives.

Besides above mentioned benefits, White Castle features all employees’ health and investment plans. These include vision coverage, accidental death, medical coverage, life insurance, long term disability, short term disability and Employee Assistance Program, etc. Additionally, saving plans covered in this organization is paid time off, sick time, retirement plans, personal time and 401(K), etc. This brand also focuses towards employee’s dependents. Professionals enjoy several discount programs, such as discount on movie tickets, pet insurance, purchasing bulk coffee, perk cards and house owner insurance.

Job Interview Questions for White Castle

  • Will you be able to work more even after the shift ends?
  • How long are you planning to work here?
  • What qualities are essential for customer services?
  • Do you possess any previous work experience in the same industry?
  • What will you do, if you notice any illegal thing happening?
  • What are your expectations about salary?

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