Wienerschnitzel Job Application

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Wienerschnitzel is a chain of quick service restaurants in United States serving American hot dogs. These restaurants have a presence at more than 350 locations and provide employment to hundreds of individuals every year. If you are new to restaurant industry and satisfy eligibility conditions, you can join as a crew member otherwise a prior experience in food service may lead you to a managerial position.

The company has not facilitated any printable employment application. The candidates seeking employment at these restaurants must contact a store personally and submit their resume to the restaurant management. Visit the company’s website – and click on ‘locations’. A list of stores operational under the chain is available on the website. Search a nearby store from the list and send your resume there. Apply as soon as possible. May you be lucky to have a job vacancy available at present!

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Wienerschnitzel:- These restaurants open daily and operate between 09:00 AM and 12:00 AM

Age Eligibility @ Wienerschnitzel:- 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Wienerschnitzel:– Team member, Assistant manager, Cashier, Restaurant manager, Cook, Server, Host, Waiter, Management trainee, Maintenance technician

History:- The first Wienerschnitzel store was opened in the Los Angeles, California in 1961. It was called Der Wienerschnitzel, when it started. This restaurant chain expanded by franchising its operations. It operates as a subsidiary of Galardi group and has the corporate headquarter at Newport Beach, California.

Menu:- These quick-service restaurants serve a variety of hot dogs, ham burgers, pastrami, fries and some combos and kid’s meals consisting of the same. They run a special menu called Tastee Freez that includes freezes, sundaes, shakes, banana split and soft serve cones. Polish sandwiches and Pretzel bun chili dogs are their signature dishes.

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Presence:- There are approximately 350 stores running under the chain. These stores are mainly located in Arizona, California and Texas.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

At entry-level positions, one can join as a crew member, cashier or cook. The crew members do cleaning, dishwashing, attend customers, take orders and do billing. They are paid hourly wages ranging from $6 to $8. The cooks are trained before appointment and are responsible for preparing food and managing the kitchen. They receive hourly wages between $10 and $12. The same wages are paid to cashiers, who record sales and print receipts.

At managerial positions, employees have to manage store, do entry-level hires, order food supplies, supervise operations, perform scheduling, carry out financial, and banking transactions, report to corporate office, provide training to the entry-level workers. They are the salaried employees, who receive an annual salary package between $25,000 and $60,000.

Advantages of Working @ Wienerschnitzel:

These restaurants facilitate all standard benefits to their employees. The entry-level workers, who usually work part-time, access flexible scheduling, meals discounts, incentives and high wages. The professional associates are facilitated various other job perks like health and life insurance, disability coverage, profit sharing plans like retirement saving plan, dental and vision insurance, incentive plan and investment options. The full-time employees are also eligible for the privilege and sick leaves.

Wienerschnitzel Job Application

Find a nearby store and send your resume there.

Job Interview Questions at Wienerschnitzel:

  • Give your introduction?
  • How do you come to know about this opening?
  • Why Wienerschnitzel?
  • What qualities set you apart for this job?
  • How do you see your job?
  • How long will you work here?
  • When will you join? Cannot you join immediately?
  • What are your expectations?
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